PEO Overview

Why Partner with a PEO?

You didn’t start your business to do daily HR tasks – payroll, benefits administration, or compliance. All of that takes away the valuable time you need to manage your business. With a PEO partner, you have more time to focus on the tasks that really matter.


Reduce employee turnover and costs

Employees today are looking for fully loaded employee benefit programs and perks. Attract, reward, and keep employees with large-company benefits at rates that won’t blow your budget. Compete for top talent with a comprehensive benefits package that works for your company.


Get an entire HR team at a fraction of the cost

When you partner with PrestigePEO, you get the dedicated expertise of our team of professionals. We perform day-to-day HR tasks, answer questions, and provide strategic HR advice to save you time.


Mitigate your risk as an employer

The legal and regulatory risks of being an employer are wide-ranging. From workers’ comp to Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), we’ve got you covered. A PEO provides access to resources that may otherwise be out of reach because of high costs.

PrestigePEO will help you plan, identify, manage, and mitigate your risks as an employer. Don’t get fined for non-compliance .

Did you know that most PEO partners would recommend a PEO to a colleague?

What does PEO stand for?

PEO is an acronym for professional employer organization. PEO companies like PrestigePEO recognize that small and medium businesses can be more competitive when they have the same access to benefits and resources as large companies.

Now that you understand “What is a PEO?” & “What does PEO stand for” read more about how PrestigePEO got started here.

What does a PEO offer?

PrestigePEO is staffed with certified professionals in human resources, payroll, employee benefits, and workplace compliance.

We offer valuable benefits and services for our clients:

  • Large company benefits at affordable rates to help attract and retain top talent
  • Consultation with professional experts on HR-related matters
  • Employee handbooks
  • HR-related forms, policies, and procedures
  • Recruiting and hiring assistance, including job descriptions and salary benchmarking
  • Background checks on potential new hires
  • Automated time and attendance tools
  • Job performance management
  • Payroll processing and tax remittance
  • Lower costs for employer insurance such as workers’ compensation and EPLI
  • Benefits administration and PEO insurance claims processing
  • Risk management practices to reduce workplace liabilities
  • Compliance assistance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations

Why would I use a PEO for my business?

Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated HR manager or HR department. PEOs relieve the day-to-day hassles and headaches of HR, giving you the time to focus on your core business. Even businesses with an HR department can take advantage of PEO benefits. Our affordable, top tier employee benefits can save costs, while our HR expertise can save administrative time and hassle.

How does my business partner with a PEO?

When businesses partner with PEOs, they enter a co-employment relationship. That means you and the PEO share certain responsibilities and liabilities for employees.

We take on the responsibility of HR functions for our clients and their worksite employees, including payroll processing and taxes, employee benefits, employer legal and regulatory compliance, and more. Our clients maintain control of the business operations and the management of their worksite employees.

As your PEO company, we share regulatory compliance and best practices for employee hires and terminations. This reduces your risk of steep fines for non-compliance.

How do my employees benefit when I partner with a PEO?

Your employees will get all the benefits of a large company:

    • More robust benefits packages that include top-tier PEO health insurance plans, life insurance, and disability plans, 401(k) retirement savings, PEO insurance benefits, and flexible insurance plans
  • On-time and accurate payroll
  • HR experts to provide answers to employment-related questions
  • Efficient insurance claims processing
  • Employee leave management
  • Benefits advocacy
  • Employee discount programs for entertainment and travel

Why is it important for a PEO to be certified and accredited?

Whether you’re choosing a PEO for the first time or seeking a new PEO partner, you want to know that your payroll and your employees will be protected. Our industry certifications provide you with that peace of mind.

With PrestigePEO, you have a PEO partner that is uniquely accredited and certified. Only 2% of all PEOs can say that.

  • Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO). This IRS certification confirms a PEOs financial stability and strict financial and tax reporting requirements.
  • Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). This accreditation proves a PEO’s financial stability, ethical business practices, adherence to regulatory requirements and provides surety bonds that help protect the payment of wages, payroll taxes, employee benefits and insurance premiums.
  • CI Institute – Workers’ Compensation Risk Management certification. This assures a PEO can deliver risk management best practices to reduce work-related accidents and health exposures and control workers’ compensation insurance losses.

What’s the difference between a PEO and a human resource outsourcing company?

Human resources outsourcing (HRO) and professional employer organizations (PEO) offer similar services, but they are quite different in practice.

HROs are separate entities responsible for some or all human resources services, typically used by larger companies that have well-staffed HR departments. HROs tend to help large companies with payroll and benefits administration for a fee. There is no co-employment relationship between an HRO and their large-company clients.

PEOs act as the HR department and assume a measure of liability on behalf of their clients. PEO for small business means owners will have a dedicated team of specialists who will work directly with the client on every human resource need.