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PEO Retirement Plan Services

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PEO retirement plan to attract and keep top talent

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With tax benefits, compounding interest, and employer contributions, a 401(k) plan is a long-lasting benefit you can offer your employees. So, why not give your employees the benefit of a PEO 401(k) plan so they can save for their retirement? You’ll send the message that you’re invested in your employees for the long-term when you make financial wellness available and accessible.

Our investment and plan advisors, BKS Partners, can provide cost and benefit comparisons to see how our small business 401(k) plans can help save you money and get a better return for you and your employees.

Having a PEO 401(k) plan can help motivate your employees to save. Our experts can help you develop the best PEO retirement plan for your workforce. With the tax benefits, smart money management, and employer contributions, you will have a way to help your employees save for comfortable retirement. Small and medium-sized businesses can get help with this competitive advantage that is convenient and cost-effective compared to other PEO retirement plans. See how we can make the PEO retirement plan easier for your organization to navigate forward. We’ve worked with employers of every size and have the right software and services designed for your business.

How does a PEO 401k differ from a private 401k?

Employers looking to offer 401k benefits to their employees have a big decision to make. But when employers partner with a PEO, the decision is so easy, and another great reason to utilize a PEO.

If an employer tries to enroll in a 401k plan for their employees privately, they will not be able to get the quality plans they would if they participated with a PEO. Additionally, the costs to participate are much higher.

What are the benefits of partnering with a PEO for 401k?

The biggest benefit of participating and contributing to a 401k program with a PEO is that employers can save money on retirement costs for their employees. A PEO can combine its employees with the employees of other companies and leverage the large pool of people to reduce plan costs. Therefore, the more people who participate in the 401k plan, the less your company will pay in costs and fees.

Lean on the Investment Experts

You don’t need to become an expert on retirement service providers, compliance issues, or investments to offer the right plan to your employees.

  • Traditional pre-tax optional Roth deferrals
  • Safe Harbor employer contribution options
  • Discretionary match or profit-sharing
  • Investment advisory services through Slavic401k and BKS Partners
  • Dedicated plan administrator
  • Cost/benefit comparisons
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It's still your 401(k) – just a lot easier to manage.

When you join the PrestigePEO retirement savings plan, you’ll give your employees a much wider variety of investment options, while tailoring a plan that suits your company’s unique needs.

  • Government 5500 tax filings
  • Delivery of all required notices
  • Annual compliance audits
  • Monitoring plan investment menus
  • Notification of deferral changes
  • Traditional pre-tax deferrals
  • Optional Roth deferrals
  • Safe Harbor employer contribution options
  • Fund remittance
  • ERISA legal counsel – no legal fees
  • No plan document fees
  • No audit fees

PrestigePEO works as a co-fiduciary for the retirement plan.

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This is an icon of two individuals. It's an image on the about us section of PrestigePEO's website. It's supposed to be representative of the HR services PrestigePEO provides.

We’re here to provide any additional support to get your employees on their way to financial wellness and a solid life savings. As your partner, we help you stay on track to enroll new employees as they become eligible. We don’t just offer the plan – we enlist the expertise of our investment partners to make sure you and your employees understand how to maximize your contributions and investments using our PEO 401(k) plans and other investment options.

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PEO Retirement Plan

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