Employee Time Tracking

Kronos labor management software

Time and Labor Management Software

We’ve partnered with Kronos to offer our clients the most innovative time and labor management solutions.

Cloud-based, comprehensive, and data-rich, Kronos delivers a powerhouse system of user-friendly tools and insight to optimize labor.

  • Capture accurate labor data from a variety of sources
  • Simplify routine time and attendance tasks to drive efficiency
  • Track labor costs with defined pay rules
  • Minimize compliance risk and improve payroll accuracy
  • Manage workforce exceptions in real-time
  • Implement schedules to align with operational goals
  • And more!

Automation is simple with Kronos

Kronos recognizes the value of your employees, so they’ve made it easy to manage hourly and salaried workers, enabling you to fairly supervise your entire workforce – big or small.

  • Set up your dashboard to align with your goals
  • Set rules that are compliant with applicable laws and regulations
  • Create recurring schedules and tasks
  • Design workflow oversight that keeps processes moving
Time and labor management by PrestigePEO

Convert Time to Payroll with Ease

Time entry review is a breeze with automated flags to catch time entry errors. PrestigePEO will configure your dashboard so you can review payroll and import time quickly and seamlessly each pay period.

Powerful time and labor management software and support from your PrestigePEO team will allow you to better forecase labor costs and uncover opportunities to improve operations.

Are you ready to put time management tools to work for your business? Contact us to start exploring the best PEO services for your business today!

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