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The PrestigePEO Perspective – October 2023

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Mental Health - meditating in office

Recognizing the Importance of Mental Health Benefits

Mental health benefits have received increased attention in the past few years, and the focus is still going strong. In fact, the demand for mental health benefits seems to be increasing, as this topic has been a frequent flier in recent headlines. As reported by , “nearly 53 million Americans have a mental illness, yet only 46% have accessed mental health services.” Is your company offering mental health benefits? If they seem too expensive and niche for a small business to offer, we can help. PrestigePEO offers a wide variety of ancillary benefits, including National EAP, a robust mental health program that includes an Employee Assistance Program, crisis management, anger management, sexual harassment training, and more. Contact us to learn how we can support your employees with the benefits they need and deserve.

Rising Healthcare Costs

Is your business prepared for rising healthcare costs?

Businesses and employees alike have been feeling the pressure of rising costs this year, and reports say that the situation will only worsen in 2024. This causes employees to take a hard look at their benefits packages. According to a new financial survey featured by SHRM, “72% of employed Americans agree that, because of inflation, they will spend more time reviewing their benefit elections during open enrollment.” This means that it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are offering competitive benefits. When you partner with PrestigePEO, you’ll access incredible employee benefits packages at prices you can’t find on the open market. Ready to upgrade your employee benefits? Visit the link below to learn more about our employee benefits offerings and contact us today!

Employee Badmouthing

What to Do When Former Employees Badmouth Your Company

Has your company ever been accused of poor treatment by a former employee? If you haven’t, it’s an important situation to be prepared for. This recent article from SHRM offers a great guide for how to handle this difficult situation appropriately. Situations like this one demonstrate how important it is to have the support of a dedicated team of HR experts. As a client of PrestigePEO, complicated situations like this one are easily handled. We can help you navigate the problem, offer expert HR advice, and come up with a thorough solution. Learn more about our HR consulting services at the link below.

EEOC Employee being harassed

Proposed EEOC Updates to Workplace Harassment Guidance

The EEOC’s proposed updates to the Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace have been released, the first update to this document in over 30 years. Employers, read this overview guide on five takeaways that you should keep in mind. This proposed update also highlights the importance of sexual harassment training. Even if your state doesn’t mandate annual training, we strongly recommend implementing it in your organization. PrestigePEO is here to assist you in establishing comprehensive and compliant training programs that will safeguard both your company and your employees.

Retirement Plan deadline - Couple saving with a piggy bank

State-Mandated Retirement Plan Deadlines

The United States is currently grappling with a retirement crisis. Alarmingly, close to a quarter of working adults have no retirement savings, and this issue is expected to exacerbate as younger generations approach retirement. To address this concern and promote retirement savings, several states have crafted legislation mandating that employers of a certain size must provide a retirement savings plan.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to understand the requirements applicable to your business and to identify the most suitable retirement plan for both you and your employees. Consult the chart below to assess whether your business falls under these regulations. Additionally, we encourage you to watch a recording of our recent webinar to gain deeper insights into the significance of offering a retirement plan to your employees.

Compliance Alerts

Important Compliant Alerts

Are you up to date on the latest compliance alerts? PrestigePEO provides frequent updates to our clients when there are amendments, revisions, and proposals that will affect US employers. Take a look at some of our recent alerts below.