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The PrestigePEO Perspective – March 2024

Prestige Perspective - Employee Handbook Updates for 2024 Featured Image
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Be Sure to Update Your Employee Handbooks For 2024

Have you revisited your employee handbook lately? PrestigePEO suggests conducting an annual review of your handbook. Given the evolving landscape of policies and laws, it’s prudent to verify that your handbook reflects the latest changes.

When you collaborate with PrestigePEO, we can assess your handbook, offer suggestions, and assist in updating any pertinent information. Learn more about a PEO partnership here.

Here are the areas we advise updating in your employee handbooks for 2024.

  • Policies that need updating:
    • Harassment and Discrimination
    • Timekeeping
    • Lactation Accommodations
    • Pregnancy Disability Leave of Absence and Accommodation
    • Alcohol and Drug Policy
    • Personnel Records
  • State & local laws: There may be updates to state or local laws that affect your handbook policies. It’s important to keep these updated and in compliance. PrestigePEO can assist with these updates.

With us by your side, creating handbooks becomes manageable and stress-free! Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Setting Workplace Expectations During an Election Year

It’s an election year, and this means that employers should prepare for election stress to enter the workplace. Though ideally, your employees would not bring politics to the workplace. Exercise caution when prohibiting behaviors that could fall under free speech, as it is protected. Further, if you discipline an employee for political activity in the workplace, this could become an issue that triggers antidiscrimination laws, especially if the conversation involves race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other protected identities. Finally, ensure that you are complying with your state’s election policies. Many states require that you allow employees a certain amount of time to vote.

It’s important to keep these considerations in mind as election season nears. With PrestigePEO, you get the benefit of a compliance department to help you make informed decisions at your workplace. Learn more today.

Navigating Remote Work Pitfalls - attractive female working remotely with husband on the background

Navigating Remote Work Pitfalls

Remote work is here to stay, and it provides many benefits for both employees and employers. However, it presents some challenges that employers need to be aware of. One risk of a fully remote employee is hiring an individual who turns out to be someone other than who they claimed to be. This can be achieved by a bait-and-switch scenario, where you interview one person who turns out to be a friend or relative of the person you hired. The FBI has also received reports of people using manipulated video, images, or recordings, known as deepfakes. These bad actors use stolen identities to apply to fully remote jobs and may be targeting positions that have access to sensitive customer and employee data.

So, how can employers avoid these scenarios? Here are some best practices to follow.

  • Cameras on. When interviewing a candidate, have a “camera on” policy. If a candidate is reluctant to turn their camera on, don’t move forward with the candidate. Implement a camera on policy for company meetings as well.
  • New policies. For fully remote candidates, implement a policy that states they are the same person who went through the interview process, and they will not subcontract any work to another individual. Further, have them agree to keep cameras on during calls and meetings.

These policies are crucial for keeping your workplace safe. For more compliance help, partner with PrestigePEO today.

AI for HR blog header image

AI For HR: 3 AI Tools and Trends Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Use for HR Success

The business landscape is rapidly evolving, and technology is constantly advancing. Staying ahead in human resources requires embracing cutting-edge technologies, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. In this digital transformation era, Artificial intelligence (AI) in HR has emerged as a game-changer in reshaping HR practices. In fact, AI has become necessary for SMBs striving to compete in today’s dynamic marketplace. In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss how SMBs can utilize AI for success in many workplace areas. Hit the link below to learn more.

Employees Benefits Update - Happy Employees

Changing Times – Are Your Benefits Up-To-Date?

Employers today must keep up with the changing times to retain their top employees. One of the most important facets of employee retention is knowing what employee benefits are most desirable. The 2024 Future of Benefits Report  from has shown some interesting statistics about what your employees want most.

  • 1 in 5 employees have left a job because their employer didn’t provide family care benefits
  • 56% of employers are prioritizing childcare benefits in 2024
  • 50% of employers are prioritizing senior care benefits in 2024

These statistics demonstrate how important caregiving benefits are to your employees. Partnering with a PEO helps your organization access top employee benefits at fair prices. Learn more about our employee benefits at the link below.

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Inflation is On the Rise – How Are You Helping Your Workforce?

Everyone is feeling the strain of inflation, especially your employees. According to a recent study, 53% of employees feel that their salaries are not keeping up with inflation. How can employers help their teams feel valued and supported during severe inflation?

First, it’s crucial to give salary increases where possible to those who demonstrate exceptional work. Second, financial wellness tools can be extremely helpful, and many employees may not be aware of what resources are available. Having the support of a PEO can not only give your business access to financial wellness tools but also provide you the support to spread awareness about these resources. Having access to expert HR advice is incredibly important, especially during times of inflation and stress. Contact us today to learn how we can help guide you.