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Build Your Business with PrestigePEO

Every industry—from financial services to healthcare—has its own set of unique HR needs and challenges. Handling these issues on your own can often be daunting. But at PrestigePEO, we’re here to make it easy.

Nobody goes into business to become an expert in HR support, payroll, employee benefits, and compliance management. Lucky for you, that’s exactly why we did. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve had consistent success in delivering HR benefits and services for industry-specific challenges. One common theme across all industries is the need to manage operating costs.

With the HR support we provide, you can control your cost for human resources and benefits and reduce your risk of fines for non-compliance.

Manage all HR services, from employee benefits to payroll to workplace compliance—all under one roof.

Get access to premiere insurance with medical, dental, and vision plans, affordable plan designs, and no-cost retirement plans.

Minimize employer risk with our workplace compliance and regulatory experts. Our support teams protect your company so you can grow with confidence.

Attract top talent with large-company, top-tier benefits and a host of other employee perks.

How We Service Your Industry

PEO Financial Services

The world of finance can be challenging with the demands of fluctuating markets and financial regulations. Firms are competing to recruit and keep top talent. Leaders in the financial industry need time to focus on the market dynamics and the needs of their clients.

By delegating the administrative burden of HR to PrestigePEO, finance firms can alleviate the stress of payroll, employee benefits, and compliance, and get back to managing the markets and their clients with our PEO financial services.

Financial Technology

In one of the newest and most dynamic industries, you can’t let HR slow you down from your next greatest discovery or innovative idea. As you manage the flurry of technology advances and heaps of data, let us handle your HR while you focus on innovation.


PEO for Healthcare

Your patients should be your top priority—not HR.

Across the country, medical professionals encounter more and more challenges when it comes to workplace safety rules, changes in the regulatory environment, and the Affordable Care Act. Navigating these aspects of the healthcare industry not only requires focus, but an investment of time and resources.

We’re here to make PEO for healthcare simple. Our HR experts provide you with ways to outsource your benefits and tackle HR, risk, and compliance tasks. Let us simplify running your business and give you more time to focus on your patients.

Marketing and Advertising

You spend your day raising brand awareness for your clients — leaving little time for you to grow your own. With client requests taking priority, HR admin tasks often take a backseat. Get these tasks done by outsourcing your HR needs to PrestigePEO.


PEO for Nonprofits & Social Services

For nonprofits, focusing on your mission while keeping costs down is a major key to success. That’s why we developed PEO for nonprofit services because we help you sort out the time-consuming details, like payroll and employee benefits, so you have more time to focus on the things that matter.


Professional Services

Your business is built on taking care of your clients’ needs. That means you probably don’t have the time to devote to HR matters like payroll processing, benefits administration or workplace compliance. At PrestigePEO, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients. You can count on us for the HR assistance you and your employees need. We’re only a phone call away.

Retail + Wholesale

With multiple locations and varying job types, it can be challenging to manage HR services. Whether you have 10 employees or 500, we can help you keep track of time and attendance, shift changes and payroll costs, even across different states. Our self-service portal also allows you to easily onboard new employees for seasonal hiring.


Real Estate + Property Management

Real estate and property managers are too often bogged down with local, state and federal filings and record keeping. The last thing you need is to get further bogged down with workplace compliance. PrestigePEO can keep you compliant, provide cost-saving healthcare benefits, and help with any other HR matters you may have.


Communications and Media

Sometimes, it’s tough to compete with Fortune 100 media and communications companies. With the industry regularly affected by new technologies and social media platforms, resting on old business models no longer work. But how can you evolve if you’re bogged down with HR worries? That’s where PrestigePEO comes in – we handle your HR needs from start to finish.



Technological developments change our world every day. Whether that’s in information technology, engineering, or digital, new and innovative ideas are needed across the board. You need a partner who can relieve your HR administrative tasks and help you grow as your needs and ideas change.



It takes a lot to start a business. When trying to establish yourself as a business, you don’t want to spend precious hours learning about HR, payroll processing and employee benefits. Let us take care of your HR needs, so you can focus on growing your business.