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EPISODE 19: Success Re-envisioned


This is an inspiring, can’t-miss episode.

Today’s guest, Dr. Bob Scott, is President Emeritus of Adelphi University and served 15 years as acting president. Previously, he served 15 years as president of Ramapo College, and held positions at Cornell University and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The experience and perspective he brings to today’s conversation are invaluable.  

Dr. Scott provides priceless wisdom that you are sure to grow from. He discusses the true nature of success, defining it in terms of communities and people’s lives and measuring it based on ‘giving’ rather than ‘getting’. He discusses the difference between a healthy ego and a toxic ego, and much more.  

Dr. Scott defines 3 main principles of success:  

  • Talent – These are the gifts we’re born with. Dr. Scott asks, how will you use your unique talents to be truly successful in life.  
  • Time – This is the aspect that treats every person equally. How do you spend your time? If you sacrifice time with family for more work, will it truly lead to a successful, meaningful life?  
  • Treasure – These are the things we acquire in life, both material and immaterial, given and earned. But their value doesn’t lie in possessing them, it lies in how we use them to make a difference in the world.   

“It’s not about getting – money, status, power – it’s about giving one’s talent, time, and treasure.”  —Dr. Bob Scott   

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Dr. Bob Scott Circle Headshot

Dr. Bob Scott is President Emeritus of Adelphi University. He served as Adelphi’s ninth president from 2000-2015. He was President of Ramapo College from 1985-2000 and held several prior positions in higher education. Many of the institutions he has led continue to honor his legacy.   

Adelphi University has been a leading higher education institution for over 150 years, at its home campus in Garden City on Long Island, and at other locations throughout the New York City area.

Dr. Scott brings thoughts from his recent short essay, "What is Success?" Click here to learn how he measures success by time, talent, and treasure.