Welcome to PrestigePEO’s

Open Enrollment Resource Center!

Navigating Open Enrollment with Ease

As you prepare for Open Enrollment, we encourage you to explore these resources and review your existing benefits plans so you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family. Learn how to change your current selections, review new plan options, and elect other voluntary benefits.

When Can You Get Started?

With time-sensitive requirements for various plans in mind, we’ve created the following timeframe for this year’s Open Enrollment period.

Client Managers

Late August: PrestigePEO Renewal Portal opens

Clients will receive their 2023 Open Enrollment packet sent via email from PrestigePro-noreply@prestigepeo.com. Clients can select plans and build contribution models using our advanced proprietary technology, the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal.

Mid – Late September: Final Plan Design Changes Due

Submit the final plan designs and contribution decisions through the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal by the end of September. If your Benefits Specialist does not receive updates from you, your plans and adjusted contributions will carry forward into next year. 

October – November: Open Enrollment opens for yourself and your employees

You and your employees will use the PrestigePRO Employee Benefits Portal to make your benefits elections.

Client Employees

Early – Mid-October: Open Enrollment for Employees

You will receive an email invitation from PrestigePro-noreply@prestigepeo.com to access the PrestigePRO Employee Benefits Portal where you can update or confirm your benefits elections. Updated payroll deductions will take effect in the first pay period of November 2023.

November 1, 2023: All Changes Effective (Excluding FSA/HSA)

All changes to your benefits plans go into effect on November 1, 2023.

Please note: All employees will receive new ID cards.

January 1, 2024: All FSA and HSA Changes Effective

All plan elections and re-enrollments for next year must be made during this year’s Open Enrollment period through the PrestigePRO Employee Benefits portal.