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Annual Employee Benefits

Open Enrollment Season!

The 2021 open enrollment season starts this September

Open Enrollment is the Opportunity for All Benefit Eligible Employees to Make Benefit Elections for the Following Year.

As you prepare for open enrollment, we encourage you to review your existing benefit plans to make informed decisions for you and your family. You will have an opportunity to change current elections, review new plan options, and elect other voluntary benefits

When Can You Get Started?

With time-sensitive considerations for various plans in mind, we’ve created the following timeframe for 2021-2022 Open Enrollment.

Client Managers

Early – Mid September 2021: Review and Confirm Group Plan Options    

All clients will receive their 2021 Open Enrollment packet. It will be sent directly from PrestigePro-noreply@prestigepeo.com. Clients will review and update employee benefit plan offerings by using a convenient and easy-to-use interactive grid.

Mid – Late September 2021: Final Plan Decisions, Including Contributions Due

The confirmed and approved renewal grids will be returned to the PrestigePEO Employee Benefits Specialist by late September. All changes to final plan selections and contributions must be submitted. If a client does not respond, their current plans and adjusted contributions will be carried forward for 2021 – 2022.

Client Employees

Early – Mid October 2021: Open Enrollment for Benefit Eligible Employees

Benefit Eligible employees will receive an email invitation to access the PrestigePRO employee benefits portal, confirm their benefits, and make changes if desired. Employees that successfully confirm elections within this time frame will see their updated payroll deductions take effect during the first pay period in November 2021. Employees who do not re-enroll will have to default to their current coverage at the designated new rate. All FSA and HSA elections must be completed during the open enrollment process within the benefits portal.

November 1, 2021: All Changes Effective (Excluding FSA/HSA)

All changes to employee benefit plans will go into effect as of November 1, 2021.

January 1, 2022: All FSA and HSA Changes Effective

All plan elections and re-enrollments for 2022 will be made during open enrollment through the PrestigePRO benefits portal. Note: Pre-COVID levels will be in effect. There will no longer be a rollover for Dependent Care, and rollover funds for medical will be reduced to $550.

As an employee covered by PrestigePEO, you have access to Fortune 500 benefit packages. In addition to robust plans and a selection of voluntary benefits, we provide each client and client-employee a dedicated Benefits Specialist who provides one-on-one service. For assistance with open enrollment, or support throughout the year with plan questions, carrier claims, and more, your Benefits Specialist is here to support you.

To expedite communication, you can reach your Benefits Specialist directly through our PrestigeGO mobile app.

Let's Get Started!

By clicking “Client Managers or Client Employees” below, you will be directed to an overview of the open enrollment process, including a how-to enroll video.

Once you have completed your open enrollment selections via the PrestigePEO employee benefits portal, we’ll handle the rest!