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Your Guide to Open Enrollment

PrestigePEO is proud to offer an enhanced PrestigePEO Renewal Portal for the 2023 Open Enrollment season. These updates provide a more intuitive way for your clients to review their current contributions and build new contribution models. We encourage you to work closely with your clients in navigating the improved PrestigePEO Renewal Portal and help them make the most informed plan selections for the coming year. 

Password Reset Instructions for the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal

Brokers who had access to the portal last year will be able to see the renewals for their groups as they become available by going to To reset your password, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click “Need help signing in?” link located under the Sign-In button.
  2. Click “Forgot password?” link.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your password or username. Your username is preset to match your email address.
  4. Click “Reset via Email” button.

If you have any issues logging in, please call 833-PEO-BEN1 or email, and a Benefits Specialist will get back to you.

We encourage you to reference the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal Guide that has been created for Client Managers. You can access a PDF or video version of the guide posted below.

Brokers New to the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal

See below for brokers new to the PrestigePEO Renewal Poral.

  1. You will receive an email from
  2. Within that email, you will see an activate button.
  3. Click the Activate Portal Account button.
  4. You will be brought to a new screen.
  5. On that screen, use your Prestige-given email address as your username and create a new password.
    • Additionally, “Submitted” means their decided-on contribution model was sent to Prestige for review. And “Published” means the rules of the contribution model they chose has been pushed into Prism and it is final.
  1. Once you land on the welcome page, you will see a blue welcome banner at the top of the page.
  2. On this welcome page, you will see a list of all your clients.
  3. Next to each client’s name is their renewal status which captures the journey from start to finish.
    • “Not Started” they have not begun to make any models. At least one model will be required to progress forward.
    • “In Progress” designates that you or your client has begun to create a model.
    • “Submitted” designates that your client has sent a contribution model to Prestige for review.
    • “Published” is the final phase and designates that model is final and no further changes can be accepted by the system. Plans are able to be accessed as “view only”.

We encourage you to reference the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal Guide that has been created for Client Managers. You can access a PDF or video version of the guide posted below.

Tips for Using the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal

Our goal is to deliver the best experience possible for you and your clients. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth Open Enrollment season. 

To prevent a contribution model override, only one user (broker or client) can make changes at a time. If you plan to assist your client with their contribution strategy, we suggest you set up a screen share to view the system in tandem. 

Before creating your first contribution model, download and review the 2023, 2024 Full Rate Benefits Menus.  Click “Full Rate Benefit Menus” on the left side of your screen to see all plan information including deductibles and network details. Reviewing the Full Rate Benefit Menus first will help you make informed decisions about your 2023, 2024 benefits offerings. 

Models can now be downloaded as an Excel workbook. There is currently no functionality for uploading, so any changes made to the workbook will need to be added back to the model manually. This has been identified as an enhancement for future seasons. 

If you and your client choose not to make any changes for this coming year, the Contribution Shortcut is a new feature that will be helpful to clients who have a simple strategy and are not looking to make any changes to plans offered to employees.

PrestigePEO Renewal Portal Guide

The PrestigePEO Renewal Portal is a proprietary, easy-to-use selection system. Within this portal, you and your client can build comparison models based on different contributions and get comprehensive plan information so they can pick the best one for their business. You will also find detailed rate information and cost breakdowns for each of the employee benefits plans offered by their company.* 

Open Enrollment Broker Guide

Broker Partner User Guide PDF

These side-by-side instructions were created for your client to easily navigate the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal. This proprietary platform was built to assist you and your clients as you gather information, compare contribution models, and select the right benefits plans for the coming year.  

*Please note: the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal can only provide estimates as the final cost will depend on individual employee elections, such as dependent status and coverage options. 

Open Enrollment Webinar Series

Join us this Open Enrollment season as we introduce our new voluntary benefits offerings and demonstrate how to navigate the newly enhanced PrestigePEO Renewal Portal. Learn how to create and share comparison models with your team and make the best-informed decisions on your final selections.

Check out our upcoming webinars and view recordings for prior Open Enrollment webinars!

Our goal is to make the PrestigePEO Renewal Portal as efficient and streamlined as possible for our Broker Partners and Client Managers alike. We welcome any feedback you have once you’ve had a chance to explore, navigate and complete the Open Enrollment process with your client. Please email with your suggestions.