Vision Plans

PrestigePEO Offers Vision Insurance Options

United Healthcare Vision Insurance

By signing up for UnitedHealthcare Vision Insurance, your coverage includes periodic eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and discounts on laser eye surgery through an extensive network of retail and medical providers. Vision insurance plans can help you better manage your vision care costs by giving you the benefits you may need to care for your eye health. The coverage allows both in and out-of-network benefits, but keep in mind that your money will go further if you see an in-network provider.

To search for providers, visit and from the main page on the left side, you can then click Provider Quick Search and search by zip code or address to find providers near you. This will help you determine if this coverage works for where you live.

Sign up this Open Enrollment season via your PrestigePRO Employee Benefits Portal.

MetLife Vision with the Davis Vision network 

MetLife Vision with the Davis Vision network plans ensure that you prioritize your vision just as you would with your other doctors’ appointments. MetLife Vision, with the Davis Vision network, is a new PrestigePEO offering for the 2023 – 2024 Open Enrollment season and can help save you money plus motivate you to prioritize vision care. Don’t neglect your eyes this year, add a vision plan to your current medical insurance.

Click Here to check out a list of covered providers in your area.

If you decide that MetLife Vision is right for you, you can view individual plan summaries within your PrestigePRO Employee Benefits Portal to choose the best option for you today.

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