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PrestigePEO Pulse – June 2024

PrestigePEO Pulse

Stay informed, stay connected.

Welcome to the PrestigePEO Pulse Newsletter, specifically tailored to employees.

You’re receiving this email because your company partners with PrestigePEO as its HR services and solutions provider. Through this relationship, you have access to many employee benefits and support services. Explore below for guidance on enrolling in ancillary benefits programs and how to contact us whenever and wherever you need assistance.


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Don’t Miss Out – Special Enrollment Ends Soon

PrestigePEO is now offering a special open enrollment opportunity for select voluntary benefits, but act fast – the special enrollment period ends on June 14! Explore employee benefits options from MassMutual Whole Life InsuranceAura Identity Theft ProtectionPet InsuranceFarmers Home & AutoMonument Alcohol Counseling, and Motivity Care.

You can access more information about any of these offerings by clicking their highlighted name in the above text.

Additionally, we hosted the below webinars as well for additional information. You can watch their recordings by clicking on the buttons below.

FSA savings

Are You Taking Advantage of Your FSA?

Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) are a valuable way to put money aside for out-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses throughout the year. If you’ve signed up for an FSA and aren’t sure how to use it, click the link below for a helpful guide from OptumRX. If you’d like to access your account, click here.

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Health Insurance and Life Events

Typically, you can only sign up for health insurance during open enrollment periods on an annual basis. However, a change in your situation — like getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage — can make you eligible for a special enrollment period. During a special enrollment period, you are allowed to enroll in health insurance outside the yearly open enrollment time. These are known as Qualifying Life Events (QLEs). If you need to request a life event, you can do this from PrestigePRO. Click below for instructions.

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Enroll Today in PrestigePERKS!

Plum Benefits and Working Advantage are now PrestigePERKS! Register today to maintain access to your savings marketplace, your one-stop shop for exclusive and convenient savings on the products, services, and experiences you know and love.

It’s cost-free and easy to enroll. Just click PrestigePERKS Overview and begin saving today on NEWLY added items like cruises, clothing, fitness memberships, and groceries! Plus savings on electronics, appliances, theme parks, hotels, flights, movie tickets, rental cars, gift cards, flower deliveries, special events, and more! And with FunLife Rewards, you can earn points on eligible purchases and then redeem those points on future deals!

Also check out the new SnoopDrive Auto Warranty which helps protect your car and your wallet from unforeseen roadblocks ahead.

Please note: if you had a previous Plum Benefits or Working Advantage account, you must re-register for a new account.

Explore Financial Wellness with FinFit!

Explore Financial Wellness with FinFit!

We’re proud to offer FinFit, our financial wellness tool, which has helped people all around the country to increase their savings. With your FinFit Financial Wellness benefit, you can access educational tools and resources to help you live a more financially secure life. Learn more about the importance of financial wellness on their website. The best part is you can enroll anytime! Contact your HR Benefits Specialist for more information on how to sign up!

Motivity Care webinar on a laptop

Upcoming Webinars from Motivity Care

Motivity Care, our partner for caregiver resources, provides support for those who are caring for a loved one. Motivity Care has also shared their upcoming webinar series, which is free to attend. Learn about wills and trusts, financial wellness, Medicare, and more. View the flyer at the button below for a list of webinars and a QR code for registration.


Pulse Client Resource Center

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Do you have technology questions? Payroll and benefits questions? Retirement questions and more?

Head over to our Employee Resource Center for helpful information at your fingertips!

The Power of a PEO right in your Pocket: PrestigeGO provides solutions for you and your employees with the best HR in your pocket app

Be "In the Know" With PrestigeGO

The PrestigeGO mobile app has everything you need and more. It’s convenient, helpful, and always available wherever and whenever you need it. Our most utilized features include viewing your paycheck and PTO balances.

You can also use your mobile app to connect with your HR team including your PrestigePEO HR Business Partner, Payroll Specialist, and Benefits Specialist on the go whenever a question strikes. Check out the helpful video at the button below for a quick rundown of the PrestigeGO app!


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Stay Informed with Compliance Posters

PrestigePEO has made all federal and state compliance posters accessible online for onsite and remote employees. Traditionally, compliance posters, or labor law postings, are posted in a public forum inside your office, often in a break area for all employees to read. These posters include information such as the whistleblower protection law, minimum wage notices, and other items like FMLA and FLSA.

These are reviewed, updated, and available for all employees, regardless of whether they are telecommuting or in the office, at any time via the PrestigePRO employee portal.

You can access these posters by following the instructions below:

  • Log into the PrestigePRO employee portal.
  • Scroll down on the left-hand sidebar and click “Federal/State Posting Notices.”
  • This will bring you to a new page titled “Employee Poster Viewing Center.”
  • Click on the dropdown box beneath this heading and select the state where you physically work.
  • Once you select your state, you’ll see the following options:
    • State
    • Federal
  • Click through your options to review each notice and download the files to keep them as references.

For questions about these notices or any general inquiries, please get in touch with your HR Business Partner.