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Bob Morgan

As the Chief Financial Officer at PrestigePEO, Bob Morgan assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the financial planning aspects of our operations. With a robust 30-year career as a CFO, Bob brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to thought leadership. His influential guidance has played a crucial role in fostering strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, nurturing talent through mentorship, and cultivating high-performing teams.

Bob comes to us from an HR company where he spent the last 6 years steering strategy, managing financial operations, overseeing reporting and compliance, leading capital budgeting initiatives, managing risk, conducting audits, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions for eight private entities. His comprehensive skill set and strategic acumen have significantly contributed to the success and growth of the organizations he has served. He has an MBA in Marketing from the University of South Florida, a BS in Accounting from the University of Florida, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

In his spare time, Bob likes to spend time unwinding with his family and friends while boating, fishing, diving, watching sports and movies, listening to music, and traveling.