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PrestigePEO HR Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Read about the carefully selected web based HR software technology partners we’ve chosen to help us provide best-in-class service and time savings to you and your employees.

Time and Attendance

PrestigePEO carefully selected Kronos® as our timekeeping partner to simplify the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection. The automated time tracking software works in tandem with the time clock systems—helping you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Expense Reporting

ExpensePath is an end-to-end expense tracking solution that combines the power of effective tools to manage employee expenses with data-driven insights to properly allocate and budget your costs. And, because of our focus on simplifying your life, the ExpensePath system is fully integrated with our primary payroll platform, PrestigePRO!

Performance Review & 360s

ClearCompany® is a performance management platform that helps retain your top talent and inspire employee engagement. You will be able to design, automate and manage any type of employee review for better goal alignment, and tangible insights into your workforce. Additionally, with the access you’ll have to the available survey options, you can improve your workplace culture by identifying real trends and areas of improvement.


Applicant Tracking

JazzHR™ will help optimize your hiring process with award winning recruiting software and applicant tracking. With efficient workflows, you’ll end the log jam of applications getting stuck in someone’s inbox. Keep your team on track with vetting, interviewing, and making decisions so that you snag the best employees before your competitors even know they’re looking.

Workplace Training

BLR Training Today® offers customized training courses for you, your managers, and your employees. Stay ahead of the curve with onsite training in new technologies, procedures, regulations, and risks. Grow your talented employees from the inside with leadership development workshops and skills training. Reduce HR costs even further with a documented paper trail of training attendance and test scores.


Background Checks and Screening Services

SterlingNOW, the self-service background screening solution, offers small businesses and franchises thorough, high-quality background checks. Sterling has pioneered background screening innovation for more than 40 years, serving over 25,000 customers and conducting more than 100 million annual screens.