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Client Manager Products

Workforce Solutions

Discover a suite of client manager tools and resources designed to bolster your workforce. From timekeeping and employee performance management, recruitment, small business funding, and beyond.

Retirement Benefits

Explore our customized 401(k) benefits designed for your employees’ financial security. Our collaborative approach includes tailored plan designs, top-tier investments, and comprehensive support.

Health and Wellness Benefits

In today’s fast-paced world, emphasizing your employees’ well-being is more critical than ever. Health and wellness encompass not only the absence of illness but also the presence of vitality and resilience.

Workforce Solutions

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ClearCompany is a performance management platform that helps retain your top talent and inspire employee engagement. You will be able to design, automate, and manage any type of employee review for better goal alignment and tangible insights into your workforce.

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When using Kronos timekeeping, you can maximize productivity by automating routine tasks such as time collection, approving and running timesheets, responding to time-off requests, and correcting exceptions.

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TIMECO offers automated employee timekeeping and scheduling, leave and absence management, document management, reporting and analytics, and more, all of which are available on mobile.

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ScoutLogic is a comprehensive pre-employment background check provider. Their distinctive “Scout” delivery approach yields quicker report results, minimizes consumer disputes, and offers superior quality compared to the industry’s conventional credit bureau service model.

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JazzHR is a user-friendly recruiting solution to help you fulfill your hiring needs and provide a more positive candidate experience. Take the guesswork out of recruitment and empower your team to find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Explore one-click postings, custom workflows, and candidate scorecards.   

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ExpensePath is an end-to-end expense tracking solution that combines the power of effective tools to manage employee expenses with data-driven insights to properly allocate and budget your costs. And, because of our focus on simplifying your life, the ExpensePath system is fully integrated with our primary payroll platform, PrestigePRO!

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Payroll Funding

Payroll Funding Company (PFC) specializes in helping small businesses get through temporary financial challenges. Funding can be for any business need ― not just for payroll. Since Payroll Funding only provides funding to PEO clients, there is no collateral or personal guarantee required.

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Enterprise Cyber Liability

The Enterprise Cyber Liability Program protects your organization from the cost of an actual or suspected violation of your private data due to a security breach. Most incidents result in the unauthorized release of protected personal information, which is any private, non-public information of any kind in your care, custody, or control.

The Enterprise Cyber Liability Program is facilitated through the North American Data Security RPG (named insured on master policy), a risk purchasing group which is registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Retirement Benefits

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Explore the advantages that a retirement plan can offer both you and your employees.

A retirement plan can be an integral part of a strategic compensation package that helps you recruit and retain great talent. By providing your employees with the advantages of a 401(k) plan you can offer them a lasting opportunity to save for their retirement.

Learn what your retirement plan can do for you and your employees.

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Health and Wellness Benefits

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National EAP

Implemented by certified clinical behavioral psychologists and corporate coaches, our EAP services include critical incident response, individual performance counseling, substance abuse management, on-site conflict mediation services, wellness programs, and more.

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Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to your HRBP with any questions. You can locate their contact information either on your PrestigePRO dashboard or via the PrestigeGO mobile app.

We have trusted advisors with employee and PEO HR solutions software. Our HR services provide the technology, tools, and knowledgeable human resources professionals your business needs to succeed. Maximize your workforce efficiency and strategies with a comprehensive set of solutions that can streamline administrative tasks. Our PEO HR solutions is the leading provider for superior client experience with mission-critical service and support. Our team is composed of PEO human resources professionals with the best process solutions to reduce costs and improve results. Solving business problems while strengthening people-focused company culture. We’ve worked with employers of every size and have the right software and services designed for your business. See how we can make PEO HR services easier for your organization to navigate forward.