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UnitedHealthcare members can take advantage of a vast nationwide network of over 1 million doctors and hospitals, ensuring accessibility to high-quality healthcare. Additionally, employees enjoy access to preventive care, wellness services, pharmacies, and a wide array of personal support options.

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Get the Most Out of Your Health Plan

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone. We serve millions of people from their earliest years through their working lives and through retirement.

Medical Plans

*Reference your plan ID card or benefits summary to view available plans offered to you and your company*

Choice Plus Plans

Helping employees choose the care that’s right for them.

Core Network

Helping to make health care more affordable for employees.


Global Travel Protection from a name you trust.

Get the Most Out of Your Plan

Things to Do

Ways to help you get the most out of your health plan.

Things to Know

Info to help make using your plan easier and avoid cost surprises.

Health Plan ID Card

Your health plan ID card includes information about you and your coverage.

Supplemental Plans

Critical Illness

Provides more financial security for someone diagnosed with a covered illness.

Infographic of Accident Protection Plan

Accident Protection

Accident insurance helps cover the added costs one may face following an injury.

Infographic of Hospital Indemnity Protection Plan

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity protection helps pay for deductible and other costs incurred during hospital stays.

Benefit Assist

With a Benefit Assistant in your corner, the claims process is easier

If you’re a member with a supplemental health plan like Critical Illness, Accident Protection, or Hospital Indemnity, it’s good to know you’ve got Benefit Assist looking out for you. The service, included at no additional cost, is designed to help make sure you get the benefits you’re eligible for and get them more easily.

Headshot of a Benefit Assistant
Pharmacist Portrait Image

Comprehensive Medical Care Access

Whether you prefer Virtual Visits or in-home non-emergency medical care with Ready Responders, Oxford has your healthcare needs covered.

Virtual Visits

A virtual visit lets you see and talk to a doctor from your mobile device or computer. Members now have $0 cost share for Virtual Visits, as long as members are using UHC’s Virtual Provider network (teledoc, docs on demand, AmWell, OptumHealth, Walmart Health)..


OptumRx Pharmacy Services

OptumRx is your plan’s pharmacy services manager and is committed to helping you find cost-effective ways to get your medications.


Quality Care Management and Wellness Offerings

Achieve wellness in both your personal and professional life through the assistance of behavioral health support services and self-management programs.

Behavioral Health Services

With Live and Work Well, behavioral health support services are available for you and your family to access anytime, anywhere—whether you’re in a time of greater need or may want to work on personal growth.



Real-Appeal Flyer

Nearly 1 in 3 adults is overweight.¹ Obesity costs the U.S. health care system nearly $173 billion a year.² Real Appeal is working to help reverse this trend, with resources and support to help employees with weight goals and prevent weight-related health conditions.


Quit for Life

If you use tobacco and have thought about quitting, Quit For Life® on Rally Coach™ may be able to help. Get tools and online resources designed to help you quit — and stay quit — at no additional cost.


UHC Rewards

Good news — your health plan comes with a new way to earn up to $300. UnitedHealthcare Rewards is included in your health plan at no additional cost.



Engaging Member Tools and Resources

Connecting employees to care and support

UnitedHealthcare App

The UnitedHealthcare app puts your plan at your fingertips. When you’re out and about, you can do everything from managing your plan to getting convenient care.


Creating a personalized health plan experience. Whatever your health plan questions and care needs are, you can count on any of our experts to help with answers and guidance.

UCH Health App

Wellness Corner

Wellness comes in all forms, but it can be difficult these days in our super virtual/remote world. This section includes helpful information including forming good habits, weight management tips, mental health awareness, how to make exercise a priority, and much more.  Click on the topics below to learn more.

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to your Benefits Specialist with any questions. You can locate their contact information either on your PrestigePRO dashboard or via the PrestigeGO mobile app.

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