EPISODE 2: How to Return to Work in a Post COVID-19 World (Part 2)

“You wanna be thinking about how you can maintain your business operations while also ensuring the health and safety of your employees and customers” – Malcolm Slee, Groom Law

Listen to Eric Foodim, COO of PrestigePEO continue the discussion about the impacts of COVID-19 on small and medium size businesses with Malcolm Slee of Groom Law.

In this episode, Eric and Malcolm discuss the considerations employers need to begin evaluating when bringing teams back to the office, including:

  • The key considerations every employer will need to consider from new policy perspectives
  • How do you transition your teams from working virtually to returning to the office
  • What is the impact on working parents with many child programs not accessible for the summer of 2020
  • How to address employees who do not want to return to the office
  • Reasonable accommodations for employees with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Legalities and considerations surrounding hiring new team members during this time of crisis

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