PrestigePEO regularly evaluates the national carriers that provide competitive and comprehensive benefits to help meet the diverse needs of all employees, with the best-in-class tools and resources. Aetna has over 160 years of experience providing healthcare benefits in the industry. And so, to maintain our clients’ and their employees’ satisfaction, we are excited to announce this partnership with Aetna Health for national network access.

Aetna has programs for health and wellness, maternity care, and regular support through the Aetna app.

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PrestigePEO Presents: Transitioning to Aetna

As of April 1st, our partnership with EmblemHealth will be terminated. All current EmblemHealth subscribers will be transitioned to a similar plan offered by Aetna. The PrestigePEO team is here to walk you through the transition from EmblemHealth to Aetna. Learn more by clicking here.

Health care made simple

Aetna has over 160 years of experience providing healthcare benefits in the industry. The Aetna network gives you access to an online directory of doctors, a 24-hour nurses’ line, and telemedicine care. Additionally, Aetna has programs for health and wellness, maternity care, and regular support through the Aetna app.

Aetna members receive incredible care from their doctors, and their Aetna network alike. You and your employees currently enrolled in an EmblemHealth medical plan will be defaulted to the most similar Aetna plan.

Medical Plan

Aetna Open Access® Elect Choice® Plan

Visit any doctor in the Aetna network - No referral necessary

Pharmacy Plan Options

Aetna offers both CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy programs.  With CVS Caremark you can save time and skip the pharmacy line.  Your medicine will be mailed directly to your mailbox.  And with the Specialty Pharmacy benefit, you get personalized support for any unique medication you may need.

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Convenient Network Options

As a client transitioning out of EmblemHealth, if you or any of your employees are in the middle of critical care, you will be able to submit a Transition of Care to Aetna if your current provider with EmblemHealth is out of the Aetna network. The Aetna network is vast however and many providers participate in the plan. Additionally, you can rest assured that Aetna offers you medical care whenever you need it. You can visit your primary care physician in a non–emergency setting for a regular check-up, and if you need something routine like a flu shot, you can visit a Minute Clinic for any vaccination. And of course, you’ll have the option to go to urgent care and the emergency room. Lastly, telehealth, gives you the option to speak with a doctor or nurse for a general medical visit, mental health appointments with a psychiatrist, and a doctor for a specialized visit.

Aetna 24-Hour Nurse Line

A 24-hour information line for your health questions.


Aetna 2022 Pricing Teladoc Member

Access to quality care at your fingertips.


Aetna Telehealth

Our General Medical service gives members 24/7 on-demand access to board-certified doctors by phone, video or mobile app. That means no more costly trips to the emergency room for non-emergency conditions or wasted time waiting at the doctor’s office.

Members can request a visit and speak with a doctor in minutes from the comfort of their own homes. They can get a diagnosis for a broad array of healthcare issues—from cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and so much more.


Member Care Options

You have several affordable and convenient options for immediate care. Keep this chart handy to help you make a smart choice the next time you need medical care. You may save time and money.


MinuteClinic Overview and Services Brochure

We’re MinuteClinic® and we’re here when you need us. 7 days a week, including evenings.

No appointment necessary. We treat more than 125 minor illnesses, injuries and conditions and we accept most insurance plans.


Neighborhood Well-Being Services Member Flyer

Whether you want to quit smoking, understand health screening numbers or learn more about high cholesterol, Aetna® well-being services can help you get the care you need.

Walk into MinuteClinic at select CVS Pharmacy® and Target® locations.* You can work one-on-one with providers. With their help, you can create personalized health plans and get the support you need for a healthier you.


Quality Care Management and Wellness Offerings

Medical visits with your regular doctor are just one piece of the overall health puzzle, but preventative care is what will keep you healthy and out of the doctor’s office altogether. Preventive care including regular check-ups for adults, wellness exams for children, routine healthcare screenings, including counseling, and immunization consultation is all included in your services.  And for all the mothers-to-be, the Aetna Maternity Program includes information on preparing for birth, and personalized nurse support, plus breastfeeding products, and lactation specialists.

Aetna Behavioral Health Able To Support

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, leading to worry, stress and sadness. These are common feelings with major life changes or chronic pain. But help is now just a phone call away.

With the AbleTo program, you’ll get virtual, personalized support that can help you feel better. You’ll learn how to better manage your emotions and improve your overall health. And your mental and physical health can improve in as little as eight weeks. Plus, this program is already included in your Aetna® membership.


Aetna Discount Program - Pre-Enrollment Brochure

Built-in plan discounts with no referrals, claims, or limits. Your family can use them, too.


Aetna Maternity Program

It’s a special time in your life, and you deserve plenty of support. The Aetna Maternity Program is here to help you have a successful pregnancy.


Aetna One Choice Member

Your health — both physical and mental — is everything. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or dealing with other complex health challenges, our nurses can help. A nurse can work with you to put together a plan, help you understand your benefits offerings and answer your health-related questions.


Preventive Care Brochure

Get many checkups, screenings, vaccines, prenatal care services, contraceptives, and more with no out-of-pocket costs.


Preventive Care Screenings

When your doctor diagnoses a health condition early, you may be able to delay or even prevent its problems. Getting early treatment can make your condition easier to manage and put you in control of your health.


Six Dimensions Well-Being

Living well means so much more than having low blood pressure, a strict workout regimen or a low-carb diet. Well-being is made up of all the factors that allow you to be your best — and they’re all connected. For example, think about the last time you felt stressed. How did it affect you physically or impact your relationships? It takes a total approach to health to achieve well-being.


Engaging Member Tools & Resources

Aetna believes that you need access to your health care benefits at your fingertips. With the Aetna Health app, you can review your benefits, view, and pay claims, access your i.d. card, and connect to in-network providers. This includes not just in-office medical doctors, but also walk-in clinics, urgent care, and telemedicine.

In addition to the Aetna Health app, you also have access to the Aetna Personal Health Record (PHR) which helps you keep on top of your health and offers suggestions for improvements with health alerts.

Aetna Health App & New Member Website

Stay on top of your health care, when and where it works for you.


Attain Member

Designed in collaboration with Apple®, the Attain by AetnaSM app combines your health history with your Apple Watch® activity to offer personalized goals,* achievable actions and big rewards — like an Apple Watch or gift cards.


Simple Steps Program Health Assessment

Your first step to a healthier you. It all starts with a simple health assessment. Just think of it as a mini-survey of your health history and habits. With instant results and advice that you can take with you forever.


Ask Us Anything

This informative guide contains everything from deductibles to finding a provider and information about the special programs and services available.  Additionally, it contains step-by-step instructions for transitioning your care and what to do with specific circumstances, like an already scheduled medical procedure.

Once your Aetna plan is effective, you will need to log on to and log in as a member to view the details of your account, including plan information and more.

Aetna Medical Forms

Below you will find a list of necessary forms for download based on your medical needs.

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