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S2 E5: Unbiased Recruitment and Hiring in a Digital World

HR-in-15 interview with Ira Wolfe: Unbiased recruitment and hiring in a digital world

“Automating the recruitment process has significantly compromised and even damaged the candidate experience.”

The way candidates search for jobs continues to change as technology evolves. Companies find themselves having to adapt to these changes in order to avoid missing out on top talent for their open roles. As candidate demographics begin to skew younger and more tech-savvy, companies will need to provide a much more robust, fair, and seamless unbiased recruitment and hiring experience.

In this episode of HR in 15, we’re joined once again by Ira Wolfe – accomplished author and president of Success Performance Solutions. Ira explains some of the major friction points in traditional hiring processes, what’s changed from the perspective of job seekers and employees, and what steps businesses can take to move away from legacy systems and toward more seamless and fair hiring practices.

Podcast Highlights Include:  

  • A look at how technology has changed the job search for employees and the hiring process for employers
  • Steps businesses can take to improve their recruitment process
  • The top five questions employers should ask to properly screen candidates
  • Common discriminatory pitfalls, and how companies can avoid them

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Ira Wolfe Headshot

Ira Wolfe is an accomplished author and president of Success Performance Solutions. He partners with businesses to challenge their preconceived notions and rethink their strategies around unbiased recruitment, hiring, and performance management. Visit to learn more.