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HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO

Introducing an HR Mobile App For Employees

The Power of a PEO Right in Your Pocket

PrestigeGO provides solutions for you and your employees with the best HR in your pocket app. Access payroll options, view employee benefits mobile app information, and instantly connect with your dedicated HR specialists – anytime and anywhere. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Simple. Seamless. Secure.


Convenient options to handle critical HR functions.

Seamlessly execute
position changes, pay rate adjustments, and terminations while working remotely or on-the-go. You can also instantly connect with your certified PrestigePEO HR specialists for personalized support on all things HR.

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO

Mobile Payroll App

Quick and easy payroll management.

Whether you’re working remotely, on the go, or simply need to get things done quickly, PrestigeGO makes payroll a breeze. Review and approve payroll in just a few taps. And if you need more assistance, simply click to contact your dedicated PrestigePEO payroll specialist(s).

PrestigeGO provides easy access to everything you need to know about your paycheck. View recent paystubs, pay history, and check out a complete breakdown of YTD earnings and tax withholdings. You can even download your W-2 right from the HR mobile app for employees.

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO


Instant access to certified HR professionals ready to help.

w[Managers and Employees]
Need further support a with a payroll, employee benefits, or other HR issue? Instantly connect with your dedicated PrestigePEO specialists via the PrestigeGO HR mobile app for employees for personalized, one-on-one assistance for all things HR.

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO


A faster way to request and approve time off.

Make cumbersome time-off procedures a thing of the past. With PrestigeGO, you can instantly review, approve, or deny PTO and other kinds of employee leave requests.

PrestigeGO makes it easy to manage your vacation and sick days. Take a look at your available balances and submit requests for time-off in just a few steps.

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO

Employee Benefits Mobile App

Vital employee benefits information at your fingertips.

Quickly access important details about your employee benefits – including medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental insurance, as well as your retirement plans – all in one place. You can
view employee benefit mobile app summaries, associated costs, information on dependents, and monitor activity on your Flexible Spending Accounts. 

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO


Completely redesigned to improve usability, security, and navigation.

[Managers and Employees]
The latest version of PrestigeGO includes biometric authentication options for improved security and a completely refreshed look and feel to improve the user experience.

HR In Your Pocket - PrestigeGO

PrestigeGO: The Best HR Mobile App

Download the HR mobile app brochure for more information.

Available Now for iPhone & Android.

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