HR In Your Pocket – A Modern Solution

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Digital technology quickly changed everything from our daily routines to how the world does business. Despite a global pandemic that keeps us physically apart, we’re more connected than ever before with the HR in your pocket app. We also want fast, seamless digital experiences across the board – especially at work.

A modern HR solution is incomplete without convenient digital options that enable your team to stay connected no matter where they are – like a mobile app. With an HR app, managers and employees can quickly access important HR information and much more right from their smartphones. It’s like having the power of an entire HR team right in your pocket. Keep reading to learn how an app can help simplify HR for you and your employees.

Managing Made Easy.

With the right HR in your pocket app, there is no gap in managing your team even if you’re away from your desk. An app makes it easy to do things like approve payroll and manage critical HR functions anytime and anywhere. It takes the pressure off managers to ensure everything is done beforehand if they know they’re going to be away from the office; it also eliminates the need to delegate time-sensitive HR tasks to other team members, enabling your whole team to remain productive and focused.

For example, rather than having to approve payroll in advance or assign it to another manager during your week off, you can quickly login to your HR app to review and approve payroll while on the go – whenever it’s convenient for you. It even empowers managers to handle important HR matters like position and pay rate changes, ensuring your team never skips a beat. And when you need additional support for all things HR, it’s easy to connect with certified specialists in just a few taps.

A Better Employee Experience.

A sleek, intuitive HR app is a central element of a great employee experience. According to a study by PwC, 50% of employees prefer common HR tasks to be primarily digital. An app equips employees with convenient self-service HR options that make it easy to stay connected and informed.

Employees often avoid logging into their employee portals via desktop computers because it isn’t the most user-friendly experience. An app can eliminate this friction and offer employees a much more intuitive user experience. It can also encourage employees to engage with self-service options for common HR issues, freeing up time for managers to concentrate on more strategic matters.

An HR in your pocket app provides employees instant access to their paystubs, as well as the ability to download important documents like their W-2s. They can also view their PTO balances and quickly send a request for time-off to their managers. Some HR apps even offer biometric authentication options like the ability to log in via Touch ID or face, providing an additional layer of security for your employees. Since there’s so much sensitive personal data at stake, it’s important to choose an app that offers these kinds of security features.

HR Simplified.

Now more than ever, it’s important to provide the tools your team needs to stay connected and engaged. An app can simplify HR for managers, enabling them to stay on top of critical HR tasks and even execute strategic decisions right from their smartphones. For employees, an app eliminates many of the frustrations typically associated with HR through convenient self-service options. It transforms the HR experience and improves overall employee satisfaction. Learn more about how an app can help your business simplify HR here.