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The PrestigePEO Perspective – February 2024

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Your guide to the latest HR news in a bite-sized package!

Upcoming Webinars: Southeast Compliance and Midwest Compliance

Upcoming Webinars:
Southeast Compliance and Midwest Compliance

Staying abreast of compliance, laws, and regulations is crucial for business owners, and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of U.S. compliance can be tough. With the help of a PEO, you can stay on top of these important changes. Join us for our upcoming webinars covering compliance topics in the Southeast and the Midwest for a sneak peek at the expert compliance guidance you can expect from PrestigePEO when you partner with us.

The Southeast Compliance webinar will be offered on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 10:00 am. The West Coast Compliance webinar will be offered on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 10:00 am. Register for either session (or both!) at the links below.

Compliance Alert: New York Salary Thresholds Are on the Rise

Compliance Alert: New York Salary Thresholds Are on the Rise

New York employers, are you up to date on New York Salary Threshold laws? As part of PrestigePEO’s partnership with our SMB clients, we keep them abreast of federal updates and state changes. We pride ourselves on working with SMBs to ensure they know what’s to come and how it could affect their business.

New York salary thresholds are on the rise, and employers will need to take a look at employees who are exempt from overtime status. In order to continue categorizing these employees as exempt from overtime, employers will need to increase their base salaries.

When you become a client of PrestigePEO, we’ll monitor mandates like this one and ensure you are regularly updated. We send these alerts monthly, and more frequently for urgent matters. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have. To partner with PrestigePEO for all your HR management needs, including compliance updates like the above, click here.

2024 Business Trends – What’s Coming Next?

2024 Business Trends – What’s Coming Next?

It’s important for business owners to keep workforce trends in mind. 2023 was a roller coaster, with trends like the great resignation, quiet quitting, loud quitting, and so many more. Have you started thinking about what may be coming next in 2024? Here are some of our predictions for this year.

New must-have employee benefits

As business mindsets become increasingly focused on employee satisfaction, new trends will emerge in the benefits world. Current trending benefits include 401(k) and retirement, financial savings tools, and mental health support. Are your benefits desirable enough to keep your employees happy?

Continuous learning programs

AI continues to rise in popularity, and we have seen many articles about how to train and educate your employees on these tools. In 2024, we’ll see businesses focus on training programs for current employees, improving culture and skills.

Rethinking HR

HR isn’t just there to ensure employees follow the rules and to field issues. 2024 will rethink the HR department as a strategic partner, and businesses will benefit from HR outsourcing partnerships that transform how your business benefits from these services.

How Businesses Will Retain Top Talent in 2024

How Businesses Will Retain Top Talent in 2024

One of the questions that business owners are concerned about is how to recruit top talent. Once you’ve hired them, however, your concern is retaining them. What’s the best way to keep your employees from moving on to other opportunities? Consider some of these methods as we dive into 2024.

Upskilling is a worthy investment

Your employees want to advance their careers, and most are very interested in taking courses to improve their skills. By offering your employees these opportunities, you show them that you are invested in their futures. This is a great opportunity for growth for both your employees and your business. Take your business to the next level by investing in your employees, and your business will thrive.

Recognize your employees

Think employee recognition is overrated? Think again! According to a recent Deloitte study, recognition can increase employee engagement, productivity, and performance by 14%. And it’s not about monetary recognition – merely thanking and acknowledging your team member’s hard work can go a long way.

Prioritize your work culture

A healthy work culture leads to happier employees, which in turn leads to increased employee retention and higher productivity. Recognition programs, continuing education, and top-notch employee benefits are all ways you can raise your employee satisfaction. But looking at your work culture is also significant. Poll managers and see how you can empower them to nurture their teams. This can help encourage a positive work culture, significantly increasing employee engagement.

PrestigePEO is at your service!

PrestigePEO is at your service!

Running a small or mid-sized business is tough, and you don’t have to do it alone. PrestigePEO is here to take on HR administration, give you the best deals on health benefits, monitor compliance needs, and more.

The services you get with your PrestigePEO partnership include HR management, employee benefits, payroll services, compliance management, 401(k) retirement assistance, and more!

What else can you take advantage of when you partner with PrestigePEO?

PrestigePEO Ranks #18 on Crain’s New York 2023 Business’ Largest Privately Held Companies List

PrestigePEO Ranks #18 on Crain’s New York 2023 Business’ Largest Privately Held Companies List

We’re proud to share that PrestigePEO has once again ranked on Crain’s New York 2023 Business’ Largest Privately Held Company List! This is the third year that we have been ranked in the top 20 businesses on this prestigious list of over 100 organizations. Read more about this accomplishment below!

Black History Month Blog Header

Celebrating Black History Month

Recognizing and celebrating Black History Month is important for your business. Determining if you are doing enough for your workplace can be intimidating. In honor of Black History Month, our DEI Committee has put together a blog with tips on building an inclusive atmosphere this month and moving forward. Click on the button below to read the full piece.