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International Workers’ Compensation Policy Change

International workers walking into building with a suitcase

Your employees are protected by workers’ compensation insurance coverage through PrestigePEO. For employees traveling abroad, PrestigePEO offers a Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation policy via Chubb Insurance. This policy renews annually on March 1.

Please be advised of an important process change for clients seeking workers’ compensation coverage for employees traveling abroad for 2021: effective immediately, all planned international travel must be reported to and approved by PrestigePEO and Chubb Insurance at least one week prior to the departure date in order for insurance coverage to apply. Official policy below:

All clients must notify PrestigePEO, in writing, of all events or activities regarding an employee’s planned international travel at least one week prior to departure; including the start date, destination, and a brief description of the reasons for travel. The coverage under this policy does not apply to any events or activities which are not reported and approved by PrestigePEO and Chubb Insurance prior to the departure date. Notification must also include all necessary underwriting information in order to evaluate events and activities. PrestigePEO and Chubb Insurance retain the right to review events and activities to determine coverage and premium charges.

Please adhere to the following instructions for international travel:

  1. Notify your PrestigePEO Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) of your employee’s planned international travel via email or phone at least one week in advance of the departure date.
  2. Your HRBP will provide the official International Workers’ Compensation Endorsement Form. Please complete this form and return it to your HRBP.
  3. PrestigePEO will work with Chubb Insurance to endorse the policy and notify you when complete.

Please contact your PrestigePEO Human Resources Business Partner if you have any questions.