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What Does it Mean to Be a “Purpose-Driven Organization?”

What does it mean to be a "purpose-driven organization?"

According to Salesforce, a purpose-driven company embodies something bigger than the products and services it offers. For example, Patagonia is a business that provides outdoor clothing and other goods. Meanwhile, Patagonia has also taken purpose in environmentalism and protecting the planet it makes clothes for.

What Can Being a Purpose-Driven Mission Statement do for Your

According to studies from Apprenticeship Minnesota, being a diverse and human-focused company can increase sales revenue, customer base, and, ultimately, profits. Consumers and decisions makers within other businesses can more easily resonate with a company built on relatable human morals and contribute to positive growth.

How Can Businesses Establish Their Larger Purpose?

Businesses should consider how purpose will be integrated into their business model. For example, one can utilize social responsibility to help guide decision-making. Meanwhile, work structures can change to reflect a brand’s purpose: for example, a business can offer mental health days as a part of PTO for employees to convey a need for mental health awareness.

If you’re looking to get educated on Purpose-Driven Brands, tap into trending conversations online to understand new developments within the business and social mission space. Meanwhile, PrestigePEO maintains a strong focus on DEI and encourages its client community to do the same. Visit our Diversity Center for more information!