EPISODE 28: The Evolution of Diversity in Corporate America with Joy Stephens

“How can we make something so inclusive that people ask your employees if you’re hiring? It has to be more than a product or service. It has to be a culture that people want to immerse themselves in.”

What makes a business a truly great place to work?

Our guest today, Joy Stephens, is a Board-Certified career coach and corporate culture consultant who is passionate about helping organizations understand the complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and how to do better.

In order to properly address the evolution of diversity in the workplace and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, executives must start by taking an honest look at their organization. Where are the imbalances, and how did we get here? Joy is here to talk about what makes a workplace toxic, how things are changing, and the importance of coaching to fix toxic behaviors in the workplace.

Highlights include:

  • A history of power dynamics in the American workplace
  • A look into the experiences of marginalized demographics
  • Advice on how businesses can move toward fostering a more inclusive culture

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Joy Stephens is the Director of Business Development at New Heights Academic and Leadership Consulting. With a background in research and development, marketing, manufacturing, and sales, Joy now applies her broad corporate experience to help organizations “develop their people” and truly transform their culture. Joy is a Board-Certified career coach and corporate culture consultant who helps organizations move forward.