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W-2 Resource Center

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W-2 Breakdown Video

This short video will explain the function of your W-2, walk you through each section on the form, and provide quick answers to some common questions.

W-2 Form Breakdown Screenshot

W-2 Form Breakdown

If you need a step-by-step guide as you go through your W-2, look no further. This guide will give you all the information you need to understand your W-2.

2023 W-2 Explained

W-2 Webinar Video

Take on this tax season with confidence and join us for an exclusive webinar! The PrestigePEO team is here to walk you through figuring out the always complex W-2 form.

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Printing Your W-2

To access and download your W-2 , log in to PrestigePRO, navigate to the tax section on the left side, select the W-2 option and download a copy of your W-2.

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The Power of a PEO Right in Your Pocket

PrestigeGO simplifies HR for you and your employees by putting the power of a PEO right in your pocket. Access payroll options, view employee benefits information, download your W-2, and instantly connect with your dedicated HR specialists – anytime and anywhere. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Download PrestigeGO in the App Store or Google Play to get started or click here for more information.