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EPISODE 29: Steps to Creating a More Diverse, Equal, and Inclusive Workplace Culture

“There is a way to move forward in which everyone can come along for the ride.”

Why is it so important for businesses to make a real effort toward offering an inclusive work environment?

In this episode of HR in 15, we’re joined once again by Board-Certified career coach and corporate culture consultant, Joy Stephens. Joy’s lifelong passion for social and racial justice lends itself to her current mission of helping organizations understand the complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Today we’re talking about why businesses need to take diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts more seriously, and how. Joy provides expert insight and practical steps businesses can take to foster a work environment that’s supportive and inclusive of all.

Highlights include:

  • Strategic advice on how to build and strengthen inclusion efforts within your company
  • Important trends in corporate culture and how to get ahead of them
  • Recommendations on educational media resources

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Joy Stephens Headshot

Joy Stephens is the Director of Business Development at New Heights Academic and Leadership Consulting. With a background in research and development, marketing, manufacturing, and sales, Joy now applies her broad corporate experience to help organizations “develop their people” and truly transform their culture. Joy is a Board-Certified career coach and corporate culture consultant who helps organizations move forward.