Nancy Arato

Nancy is pivotal in getting PrestigePEO’s value proposition in front of targeted prospects, capturing their attention, getting them interested in PrestigePEO’s services, and ultimately, bringing them on board as a client. She works collaboratively with internal and external teams to design and implement marketing campaigns in both traditional and digital formats.

 Nancy joined PrestigePEO in 2019, bringing 20 years of experience in marketing and digital strategy. Prior to joining PrestigePEO, Nancy was Principal of NLA Consulting, where she created marketing and customer experience programs for B2B start-ups and high-profile B2C clients. Nancy is an innovator and change agent, often using a unique lens to identify opportunities and create new sources of revenue.

 Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Syracuse University. She currently lives in Laurel Hollow, NY, where she enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two children.