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The PrestigePEO Perspective – January 2024

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Your guide to the latest HR news in a bite-sized package!

Our Prestige Perspective newsletter – January 2024, will share our ideas for inspiring your team, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and keep you updated on the HR information you need to know. We hope you find this newsletter helpful! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about partnering with PrestigePEO, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Welcome to 2024!

PrestigePEO extends warm wishes for success, sustainability, and growth to you, your business, and your team this year. As a PEO, we remain dedicated to offering guidance and support. We’re committed to providing relevant information and recommendations to enhance your business. Dive into the latest HR insights you should be aware of!

How PrestigePEO Can Help Your Business Grow in 2024

Have Big Plans for Your Business in 2024? PrestigePEO Can Help

What lessons should small business owners take into 2024? Should you revamp your employee benefits, increase the PTO you offer, or invest in retirement planning? With the new year comes a great opportunity to think about what changes you’ll make in 2024, and PrestigePEO is here to help you plan. If you’re curious about how a PEO partnership can assist in providing HR support and employee benefits while also handling administration and management, check out our list of solutions and support here.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a PEO?

What Should I Look for When Choosing a PEO?

You don’t have to handle every aspect of managing your business alone. By teaming up with a PEO, you can rely on highly skilled professionals to manage your HR responsibilities. But PEOs come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the one that suits your business best can be overwhelming.

If your industry demands unique needs or your rapidly growing business faces challenges onboarding numerous employees, PEOs offer tailored and valuable support to address these specific requirements. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, PrestigePEO is here to guide you in choosing the right PEO. For more insights, click on our blog link below. If you want to learn more about how PrestigePEO can assist your business, please contact us today!

Essential Insights on Regulatory Compliance on the West Coast


Essential Insights on Regulatory Compliance on the West Coast

If there is one prediction we can make for this coming year, it’s that labor laws will continue to change, and updates for small businesses are crucial. It feels nearly impossible to stay on top of every new state and federal alert, but a PEO can help ensure you are made aware of what is necessary.

From minimum wage updates to disability policies, you are not alone in struggling to ensure your business is compliant. In addition to emailing regular compliance updates to clients, we have also started a series of regional webinars. Our internal compliance team hosts these to run through the ins and outs of new laws. This is another way we prepare and help to mitigate compliance risks for clients. You are welcome to join our upcoming webinar on January 31 for a sneak peek at what you can expect from PrestigePEO if you partner with us. Click below to register.

Does Your Business Offer Employee-Centered Benefits?

Does Your Business Offer Employee-Centered Benefits?

Now that open enrollment season has concluded, did you choose employee-centered benefits for 2024? Will these be enough to retain your current, successful employees and attract new talent this year? Are you considering non-traditional employee benefits as a part of the package you offer your team? According to BenefitsPro, “benefits related to wellness, sustainability, and workplace flexibility have historically been seen as nice-to-haves, but the data (their recent survey of academic and industry experts) increasingly shows that these more holistic experiences will become crucial to attract the next generation of quality talent.” With a PEO partnership, you do not have to wrack your brain and spend copious amounts of time figuring out what to offer and managing employee benefits.

Instead, PrestigePEO can administer employee benefits, offer health and wellness perks, and manage them all for you and your employees. As an added perk, our services can help navigate work flexibility, in the office or remotely, and the implications that come with it.