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As a PEO, PathGoal is a resource to make your company more efficient, secure, high-functioning, and growth-ready.

We’re an extension of your organization, helping you check all the boxes of a smoothly operating, healthy company — with professional guidance and competitive solutions for HR, employee benefit plans, regulatory compliance, payroll, technology, and more.

Human Resources Management

HR is a necessary, yet burdensome, part of any business. We’re here to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on doing your best work.

We work with your leadership and HR teams to understand your unique HR needs and create a plan for implementing effective solutions, gearing your organization toward success.

Our HR Management services cover:

  • Human resource administration for tedious time-consuming tasks
  • Regulatory compliance on local, state, and federal levels
  • Employee benefits and claims management
  • Internal employee manuals and handbooks
  • Risk management reduces employer legal & financial liabilities with proactive compliance alerts

Human Resources Technology

Technology is becoming more sophisticated, offering us new solutions every year to keep us connected, productive, and focused on creating value in our professions.

Onboarding new technology and complex software can be daunting, but at PathGoal, our experts stay apprised of the latest and most effective solutions. We help you choose from a range of management and productivity software to find platforms that are the perfect fit for you and your employees.

Our technology solutions include (but are not limited to):

  • Human Resources management system
  • JazzHR® recruitment platform
  • Kronos® attendance and time management
  • BLR Training Today® resources for employee training
  • Bullseye Engagement® for employee performance tracking

Employee Benefits

Top-tier benefit options are critical to retaining satisfied and productive employees. PathGoal offers premium employee benefit plans for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) at more affordable rates than SMBs can find on their own.

At PathGoal, our certified benefit specialists guide you through all aspects of choosing the right plans for your business. In addition to providing the benefits your staff desires, our team of experts will guide you and your employees through open enrollment periods, benefits education, and all the nuances of employee benefit plans. Our specialists are always available, whether in-person, via email, or over the phone — we’re here to help.

Our services allow you to offer:

  • Health coverage through UnitedHealthcare
  • Multiple options for dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Life insurance, disability insurance, and supplemental insurance plans
  • Additional benefits like wellness programs, pet insurance, financial programs, home and auto insurance, identity theft protection, and special discounts on entertainment and travel

Payroll Management and Processing

A PEO does more than connect you with an external payroll service. As a co-employer, PathGoal takes over several financial duties on your behalf, including payroll administration and tax compliance responsibilities.

How does this benefit your business? A far lighter administrative workload and peace of mind that your employees are paid securely and on time.

As a PEO partner, we’re able to provide your company:

  • Comprehensive payroll processing
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Local, state, and federal tax compliance
  • Tax withholding and filing

Regulatory Compliance

All businesses, regardless of size, must comply with countless federal, state, and local regulations. These include anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws, OSHA’s requirements for employee safety, IRS tax requirements, and much more.

Partnering with PathGoal will help ensure compliance with all your company’s regulatory needs. We work with your team to implement workplace compliance, state and federal compliance notices, required HR documents, and keep you and your employees constantly informed on all legislative and regulatory changes.

We’ll help your company:

  • Write compliant employee manuals
  • Instate procedures for workplace harassment and disciplinary
  • Obtain Employer Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Manage workers’ compensation
  • Process insurance claims

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are vital in retaining your most valuable employees and ensuring your company stays competitive within your industry. Obtain and keep top talent by creating value and demand for your services. In addition, your plan assets will grow without being taxed, and all retirement plan contributions are tax-deductible.

PathGoal guides you through enrollment, plan management, and employee education. We make retirement planning simple and powerful for you and your employees.

PathGoal’s retirement planning services include:

  • A wide range of customizable retirement plan packages
  • Management of required reporting, risk assessment, and statements
  • Professional investment advisory and auditing
  • PathGoal assumes fiduciary liability for retirement plans

Human Resources Consulting

Your company’s purpose is to create unique value in your industry, not become a specialized HR department.

At PathGoal, we lend our expertise to make quick, educated, and savvy decisions regarding HR. Our certified HR professionals will provide you with honest, competent advice around employee hiring, workplace compliance, progressive discipline, and much more.”

We’ll guide you through:

  • Human resources best practices
  • Human resources policy creation
  • Employee relations and performance management
  • One-on-one onsite HR management support

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The majority of U.S. employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance in place to provide employees with coverage for any work-related injury or illness. PathGoal gives you access to low rates on workers’ comp plans, plus assistance with all tasks surrounding claims management and administration.

Advantages of our Workers’ Compensation Insurance services include:

  • A+ rated Zurich workers’ compensation
  • Pay-as-you-go insurance plans
  • Claims management services
  • Workplace safety and risk-control services
  • No annual workers’ comp audit

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