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PrestigePEO Insights Newsletter – February 2023


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Employees Want Hybrid Schedules

Compliance and Retainment Concerns to Keep in Mind

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Employees Want Hybrid Schedules: Compliance and Retainment Concerns to Keep in Mind

Many companies and supervisors are wondering how to handle a flexible work schedule. And our HRBPs have discussed this topic a lot. As a manager, you should consider what is right for your business and also think about compliance factors and the legal implications of these schedules before making any decisions.

In our latest blog post, we discuss every detail that goes into the coordination of hybrid work including what schedule is right for your office and your employees. We also share some suggestions on how to approach your staff about any schedule changes you choose to make.

1. Does PrestigePEO contest every unemployment claim as a matter of practice?

Yes, every single one. If the client does not wish to contest, they can let their Human Resources Client Partner know.

2. Does PrestigePEO notify the client about every unemployment claim that they handle?

No. If the question is sent by the Department of Labor and it can be answered with the information already in PrestigePRO, Prestige will not reach out.

3. Why does Prestige sometimes send the client an email with an unemployment question? And why do the questions seem so random?

The state generates questions for every unemployment claim. Prestige makes no judgments about those questions, but they do sometimes seem random. Prestige does its best to answer all the state’s questions. If information related to the questions is not in PrestigePRO, Prestige will email the client to get the most accurate information for the unemployment claims. These questions should be answered in a timely fashion as the state implements strict deadlines for every claim!

For additional information on handling unemployment, click the button below.

Sunz Insurance


Workers' Compensation Update for 2023

Our Workers’ Compensation Policy has been renewed for the year 2023-2024. The carrier has transitioned from Zurich to SUNZ, effective 2/1/2023. There is no change to your coverage.

SUNZ is an A Rated carrier that offers broad solutions for your entire business, including essential coverage and risk insights. For questions, please contact Peter Hilbert, PrestigePEO Workers’ Compensation Manager, directly at 917-789-5036 or by email at

American Heart Month


February is Heart Health Month

  1. Eat a heart-healthy diet: Include plenty of colorful fruits and veggies. Choose lean proteins and whole-grain foods with a lot of fiber.
  2. Be active: Our bodies were made to move. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week.
  3. Manage your stress: Find healthy coping strategies that work for you, like spending time with friends and family.
  4. Keep a healthy weight: Talk to your healthcare provider about what yours is. Balance your calories and activity to help you get and stay there.
  5. Limit how much alcohol you drink: If you drink at all, keep an eye on how much. Stick to one.
  6. Stay tobacco-free: Smoking puts stress on your heart and raises your risk of a heart attack.

These tips are from our insurance partner Aetna. If you are interested in more information about keeping your heart healthy this month and always, please reach out to your insurance carrier for tips, and of course your physician.

As we recognize Black History Month, businesses should be considering ways to increase inclusion in their workplace. This month’s blog post on the topic of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) may give you some ideas on how to support underrepresented people within your company. Read it below.

Don’t worry – we recorded it for you! Take on tax season with confidence after watching our informative webinar. We discussed the different boxes within your W-2, some FAQs, and how to locate your W-2 on PrestigePRO and the PrestigeGO mobile app.

PrestigePEO Webinar Series

ScoutLogic Webinar: March 1st, 2023

ScoutLogic is our premier background check service vendor. Taking advantage of support like this can help to ensure you are properly verifying employees before their start date. If your business is in New York, and/or you are hiring within New York, please tune in to our upcoming webinar, where we will discuss the legalities regarding background checks in this area. Join us on Wednesday, March 1, at 10:00 AM!


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*Please Note: While the information within this newsletter concerns various employment laws and regulations, be aware it is provided solely as general guidance so that you maintain compliance. It is not the equivalent of legal advice, nor does it serve as a substitute for advice of an attorney, if applicable.