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Few people go into business with the intention of becoming an expert in HR, employee benefits, payroll management, or risk and compliance management.

You started your business because you had a great idea. We started ours to help you handle the rest.

Businesses in every industry face their own unique HR needs and challenges. For many small businesses, attempting to handle these issues independently can be daunting. PrestigePEO is here to make HR simple for business owners in any industry. For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with SMBs to help them solve industry-specific HR challenges, provide premier employee benefits to their staff, and reduce overall HR costs.

Comprehensive HR Services

We serve as a full-service extension of your internal HR team to help you tackle any challenge.

Premier Employee Benefits

We help SMBs access top tier medical, dental, vision, insurance, and supplemental employee benefit plans from leading national providers.

Compliance & Risk Support

We keep our clients up to date with all compliance changes and handle the administrative work, so they remain compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations.

A Dedicated Team by Your Side

Attract top talent with large-company, top-tier benefits and a host of other employee perks.

How We Service Your Industry

Financial Services

The financial services world is a demanding one. It’s difficult enough to keep up with volatile markets and stringent regulations. It’s also a challenge to attract and keep the top talent your firm needs to remain competitive.

Don’t let the burden of managing HR take you away from your core business. Partnership with PrestigePEO enables financial services firms to focus on the markets and their clients, while we handle employee benefits, payroll, HR, and compliance on their behalf.


As one of the most disruptive industries shaping nearly every economy across the globe, many fintech companies are at a unique point in their growth. It takes serious talent to develop innovative products and services within one of the most regulated industries, and PrestigePEO is here to help fintech companies attract and retain the best talent – as well as handle all things HR, so they can focus on changing the way the world does business.


Technology firms are some of the fastest growing businesses out there today, and you can’t effectively scale a business without the proper HR support. PrestigePEO helps technology firms access affordable employee benefits to attract and retain top talent, reduce overall HR costs, and simplify HR operations so they can focus on growing their business.


Healthcare providers continue to face a stringent regulatory environment along with increasing demand for service. This often leaves healthcare providers stretched thin and unable to manage all aspects of their business on their own.

At PrestigePEO, we understand that your patients are your top priority – not HR. That’s why we partner with healthcare providers to manage HR, employee benefits, payroll, risk and compliance, and much more on their behalf. We help you simplify HR so you can focus on providing top quality care for your patients.

Marketing, Communications, and Media

Critical HR tasks can easily fall by the wayside in fast-paced industries like marketing, communications, and media. PrestigePEO helps marketing, communications, and media agencies run smoothly by handling HR, employee benefits, compliance and risk management, payroll, and much more – so they can focus on raising awareness for their clients.

Nonprofits & Social Services

For non-profits and social services providers, it’s imperative to keep costs down while remaining focused on their mission. PrestigePEO partners with non-profits and social services providers to help sort out time-consuming details and alleviate the many administrative burdens of managing HR, while reducing overall HR costs. This helps non-profits balance their budget, attract the talent they need, and continue doing meaningful work.

Retail + Wholesale

From supply chains, to managing multiple locations, to the stresses of a complex workforce, retail and wholesale are among the most challenging industries to operate a business. Whether you have 10 employees or hundreds, PrestigePEO can help your business keep track of time and attendance, provide competitive employee benefits to your staff, manage payroll across multiple states, and even easily onboard employees for seasonal hiring.

Real Estate + Property Management

Business owners in the real estate and property management industries are no strangers to the burdens of complex local, state, and federal regulations. With so many regulations to handle on the front-end of your business, it can be difficult to keep up with all the regulations of managing a workforce as well.

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