Your Guide to Open Enrollment

What’s Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment refers to the period during which you and your employer will work with PrestigePEO to select your employee benefits. This is a once-per-year opportunity to review your healthcare plan and choose the options that best fit your needs for the next 12 months.

Read all about how to get started here.

What’s Next

You will soon receive an email inviting you to the PrestigePRO Employee Benefits Portal, where you’ll be able to view your Open Enrollment plan offerings and make your selections. The PrestigePRO site will be updated with all the new plans and contributions. You can also easily access the enrollment portal from this website.

Benefit Portal Instructions for Employees

  1. Follow the link in the email invitation to access the Open Enrollment site. (Instructions to reset your password can be found here.)
  2. Once logged in, you’ll be able to review your current employee benefits plans, other options available to you, and any rate changes or additional information that may impact you or your dependents.
  3. Follow the instructions on each page to review your current plans, confirm re-enrollment, or select new plans.

    For example, if you and your family are currently covered under the MetLife Premium Dental Plan, you will see the details related to that plan along with a green checkmark indicating that this is your selection on your screen.

    If you want to change your plan to another option, you can do so by clicking on the box for your preferred plan to mark it green.

    This will indicate that you wish to terminate coverage from your current plan and enroll in the new option.

  4. As you make your selections, you can view a running total of monthly costs in the top right corner.
  5. If you do not want to include a plan in your employee benefits package, simply select the box that says, “I elect to waive this coverage”.
  6. The link to the Flexible Spending website will also be available for you to re-elect your Healthcare FSA and or your Dependent Care FSA. You must re-elect FSA each year for Open Enrollment. The IRS does not allow automatic enrollment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Benefits Specialist or call the Open Enrollment Hotline at (833)-PEO-BEN1.