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HR Trends in 2022

HR Trends of 2022

The HR industry saw developments in technology, work structures, and DEI. Get educated on some of HR’s largest trends of 2022 with PrestigePEO!

The Hybrid Work Model

Many businesses set up a hybrid work structure where employees could work from home and be present in the office. This model helped many employees create a more solid work-life balance and prioritize their personal and mental health while being able to engage with colleagues in the workplace. These hybrid work models are often more flexible, convenient for workers, and have improved company culture.

The Increase Importance of DEI in The Workplace

DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity) became more of a priority for employees and business leaders. Many employers began to learn how a diverse workforce could lead to higher employee morale, more substantial productivity, and more overall growth for one’s business. Research, like these insights from CultureAmp, conveyed that companies utilizing a diversity policy and DEI data to make decisions helped their businesses grow,

Utilizing Data for Effective Business Decisions

Businesses whose recruitment processes leveraged the value of data and analytics were making more sound and effective business decisions. For example, data and research have helped recruiters locate new potential candidates, analyze how existing employees engage with their workplace, and examine employee retention. All coincide with more organizational growth and employee satisfaction.