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Mental Health Awareness Month Series – Support Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Top 3 Ways to Foster Better Mental Health at Work

How can employers make tangible changes to support mental health in the workplace? The topic of mental health and how work can negatively affect your mindset has been a popular topic of discussion in the last few years. Many companies want to help but aren’t sure what actions they should take. From simple steps, like encouraging an open environment for discussion and questions, to more in-depth changes, like offering wellness services, there are many ways you can begin the process of supporting mental health in your workplace.

This article from Forbes reviews some ways your company can start supporting your employees and create a safer workplace for everyone. By taking a look at your office culture, helping your team members identify mental health risks with confidential screenings, and training your managers on how to be supportive of a team member going through a mental health crisis, you can start to offer substantial changes.