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10 Ways to Recognize Memorial Day at Your Organization

Each year our country recognizes Memorial Day, which is often considered the official kick-off for summer. But it is not just a day for barbeques and the beach. Memorial Day is an important holiday that honors the lives of our fallen servicemen and women. Whether your office is closed for this federal holiday or you are in the office, here are some suggestions for how to observe Memorial Day.

  1. Pause for a moment of silence. 3 PM is the traditional time for the National Moment of Remembrance.
  2. If your office is closed, suggest that your staff visit a military cemetery or war memorial. Consider putting together a list of suggestions for your employees – feel free to borrow from our list!
  3. The National Memorial Day Concert on PBS is a great way to recognize the importance of this holiday.
  4. Pass out red poppies in your office. According to com, “the Remembrance Day symbolism of the poppy started with a poem written by a World War I brigade surgeon who was struck by the sight of the red flowers growing on a ravaged battlefield.”
  5. Donate to a charity on behalf of your business that supports military families. Here are a few suggestions of great charities to support.
  6. Go to a Memorial Day parade. If you’re in the lower New York area, here are some events in NYC and on Long Island. Be sure to look up events that are local to you and your staff.
  7. Be thankful for our fallen soldiers. If you know anyone who has served or a family who was affected by the loss of a beloved service member, take a moment to thank them for their sacrifice and let them know you are thinking of them.
  8. Honor service members and their relatives in your workplace. Do you know if you have employees who are veterans, active-duty members, or who have family members who have served? Send around an email within your organization asking for photos, stories, and memories of their loved ones who have served. If they are comfortable, you can utilize these photos and stories for a meaningful tribute on your website and/or social media pages.
  9. Volunteer your time. You can give back on Memorial Day by volunteering for an organization that supports veterans. The S. Department of Veterans Affairs has information about how you can make a difference.
  10. Listen to veterans’ stories. If you’re in the office on Memorial Day, or if you have some time to listen, there are some great programs available that recognize veterans. NPR’s Back at Base and this webinar from Baruch College are two great places to start. Encourage your employees to do the same.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can recognize Memorial Day in or out of the office, but the options are limitless. By connecting with your local community, you may find even more opportunities to make a difference on Memorial Day and beyond by supporting your own neighbors in need. We hope that your Memorial Day is safe and meaningful, and we thank all of those who have served.