Andrew Lubash

Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Lubash is the founding partner of Prestige which was originally developed as an outgrowth of a firm specializing in providing employee benefit programs and other types of insurance businesses. Andy serves as Officer of National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) – Current Secretary/Treasurer, Chairman of NAPEO’s State Government Affairs Committee for 5 years, Chairman of the SBEA/IRS Certification Roadmap Committee, NAPEO Executive Board of Directors Member, and NAPEO Member of the Healthcare taskforce. He is also a member of NAPEO’s CEO Forum, which is represented by owners and CEOs of the top 10% of PEOs in the country. He has been a speaker for organizations such as the Institute for Financial Planning, The Nassau County Dental Society, The National Association of Health Underwriters, and the American Society for Certified Public Accountants.