It’s simple! When you sign up with PrestigePEO and utilize Signature Banks’ Signet and/or Invoice Credit Program, clients can OPTIMIZE cash flow with monthly HR admin fee credits, and ELIMINATE wire fees & payroll prefunding!

Unlock the power of extraordinary banking and HR solutions

Boost your business and wallet when you utilize Signature Bank for your financial needs and PrestigePEO for all of your HR solutions and services!

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Invoice Payment

Use Signature Bank earning credits to offset PrestigePEO HR admin fees

Average savings is currently running 28%

  • Accrue more funds – get rewarded!
  • Offset PrestigePEO HR Admin fees
  • Enjoy savings!

Signet Program

Eliminate typical payroll pre-funding and make real time payments

  • No transaction fees
  • No transaction limits
  • All transactions are conducted electronically

HR Service Offerings

Companies who partner with PrestigePEO will spend less time managing HR challenges and more time getting back to business.

Prestige brings small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) together to leverage expertise and collective buying power. That means you and your employees can access top-tier employee benefits and critical HR services that typically aren’t available to you.

  • Fortune 500 employee benefit plans
  • A full suite of voluntary benefits
  • Customized HR management plans
  • Workplace compliance & risk mitigation
  • Payroll processing and administration
  • Real-time HR support for manager and employees
  • Workers compensation

Now you can save money and improve your company’s HR operations – it’s that simple!

Interested in Saving Money for Your Business?

Whether you’re a PrestigePEO client, a Signature Bank client or new to both of us, CONTACT US to hear all the perks!