Human Resources Management

StaffLink Outsourcing Works for People

an HR representative working together with an employee

StaffLink Outsourcing has the people, processes, technology, and experience to transform HR management from a series of mundane administrative tasks to a powerful and essential component of growing and competing as a business.

StaffLink Outsourcing can help your organization with complex HR issues and requirements while preparing you to respond proactively and efficiently with our hands-on approach to HR management. Our team of HR professionals has years of experience and can provide you with best-practice information to help you stay in compliance and avoid common employee-related pitfalls. We can guide and advise you from hire to fire, or hire to retire

StaffLink Outsourcing provides the following Human Resource services:

  • Employer counseling
  • Employer assistance with ADA, EEO, wage and hour laws, and employment regulations
  • Recruitment and hiring procedural guidance
  • Employee and management training
  • Unemployment claims administration
  • Compliance and job description audits
  • Employment verification
  • Governmental and census reporting
  • EEOC claims administration
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Drug testing assistance and background checks
  • Customized best practice policies, toolkits, employee handbooks, and compliance updates

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Contact us for information on our broker commission payouts, or call (877) 899-LINK and speak with Heather Saulsbury. We partner with Agencies and Brokers to help administrate or provide benefits for their clients.

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