Benefits Plan Administration

Access Fortune 500®-Caliber Benefits

wide range of employee benefits and HR services

A wide range of employee benefits and HR services are available through Stafflink outsourcing

A relationship with StaffLink Outsourcing provides your business with access to top tier employee benefits that are typically only available to larger organizations. A robust benefits plan helps attract new talent, encourages your employees to maintain a better work/life balance, and helps provide the health and wellness needed to stay satisfied and engaged in their jobs.

StaffLink Outsourcing can also help you remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation by:

  • Integrating systems to reduce compliance-related penalties
  • Determining if you need additional resources to keep pace with regulatory requirements
  • Keeping benefit costs in line with ACA thresholds
  • Lowering the cost of educating your workforce about options and benefits
  • Facilitating the delivery of the employee benefits
  • Providing guidance about health care reform legislation

Benefit-related services StaffLink Outsourcing provides:

  • Major multi-state and mini medical insurance
  • Group vision and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long- and short-term disability insurance
  • Individual insurance programs
  • Benefits administration consulting services, including claims dispute assistance
  • Open enrollment processing
  • Billing and reconciliation
  • Administration of 401(k) retirement options, including coordination of mid-year and year-end 401(k) compliance testing
  • Administration of Section 125 Plan
  • COBRA administration – administer notifications, payments, benefits, regulation compliance and reporting
  • Benefits package administration to new hires and ongoing employee orientation, including new hires, terminations, and option changes
  • Coordination of benefits renewals
  • Manage client’s benefits deductions
  • TELEDOC virtual healthcare
  • Coordination of employee notifications, annual orientations, enrollments, and terminations

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Contact us for information on our broker commission payouts, or call (877) 899-LINK and speak with Heather Saulsbury. We partner with Agencies and Brokers to help administrate or provide benefits for their clients.

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