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Four Reasons to Consider StaffLink Outsourcing for Your Aviation Business

Few industries bring as many HR management challenges as the aviation industry. From hiring office staff and flight crews to the everyday aspect of administering benefits, you need experts to keep your business in the air.

You might not be equipped to handle the “business” side of your aviation business on your own. In that case, handing over HR tasks to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) may be the perfect solution.

Here are four reasons to consider StaffLink Outsourcing PEO for your aviation business.

1. Experience with the aviation industry

Whether you operate private charter flights or provide services or parts to companies within the industry, you need a partner with a thorough understanding of your business’s unique challenges.

Abram Finkelstein, the Founder, and President of StaffLink Outsourcing, is a licensed pilot, so he brings the perspective of someone who knows the complexities involved. From compliance issues and insurance requirements to staffing and training, we can help with all aspects of your aviation business.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by aircraft and flight,” says Finkelstein, “and I have pursued that passion for the past thirty years. That includes getting involved in businesses in the aviation industry.” That love led him to found StaffLink Outsourcing PEO to help aviation businesses overcome their HR hurdles.

2. Alternative solutions to insurance compliance

Perhaps no other industry faces as many regulations as businesses associated with aviation, especially when it comes to insurance. You have very specific requirements, terminology, clauses, and limits, along with different types of liability coverage and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

“For the most part, aviation-related businesses do not participate in the benefits of utilizing a Professional Employer Organization because workers’ compensation insurance policies that PEOs utilized could not write aviation risk and the workers’ compensation carriers that write aviation risk would not write PEO business,” Finkelstein says. “After years of working with various workers’ compensation insurance underwriters, StaffLink Outsourcing, Inc. has successfully secured programs for virtually any business in the aviation industry.”

StaffLink Outsourcing can assist you with alternative solutions for affordable insurance so you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

3. The employee benefits you need

Attracting experienced, trained flight crews and staff is critical to your success. The competition to hire the best is tough. You also need to retain your employees. Recruiting and retaining staff requires excellent benefits.

StaffLink Outsourcing provides high-level benefits that will help recruit everyone from pilots to office staff and keep them on board once they’ve been hired.

4. Human resources management

You want to concentrate on your business, whether attracting passengers or clients operating private or commercial flights. You don’t want to have to worry about compliance issues, tax filings, or benefits management.

StaffLink Outsourcing can provide ongoing HR support to guide your company through diversity and recruitment and meeting HR challenges.

We offer expert-level service including:

  • HR management
  • Payroll administration
  • Tax filing & compliance
  • Benefits administration
  • Medical benefits administration
  • Workers’ compensation compliance
  • Insurance compliance specific to the aviation industry
  • Risk management
  • Recruitment & hiring
  • Employee onboarding & training
  • Governmental reporting
  • Drug testing assistance & background checks
  • Best practice policies, toolkits & employee handbooks

Need help managing your aviation business?

There is no more complex industry than aviation. It’s also an industry that requires complex solutions regarding human resources. That’s why we are excited to bring StaffLink Outsourcing PEO’s benefits, risk management, human resources technology, and our brand of high-touch, white-glove professional employer services to aviation community members! We can keep the HR side of your business planted firmly on the ground while the rest of your business soars to new heights.

StaffLink Outsourcing is devoted to our clients, delivering white glove customer service. Call 954.423.8262 for a quote, and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information and resources relating to your HR needs.

Contact us for information on our broker commission payouts, or call (877) 899-LINK and speak with Heather Saulsbury. We partner with agencies and brokers to help administrate or provide benefits for their clients.

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Contact us for information on our broker commission payouts, or call (877) 899-LINK and speak with Heather Saulsbury. We partner with agencies and brokers to help administrate or provide benefits for their clients.

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