Jack Pachacz

Jack handles the key financial and accounting functions for PrestigePEO, which includes the monthly close process, financial reporting for shareholders, and overall review of our financial health.

He likes to be able to tell a story behind each number because he knows the company’s ability to be a leading PEO means having accurate and dependable numbers for decision-making. It’s one of the things he loves about his job, although he often says he enjoys everything about his job.

Jack believes the emphasis on professional growth at PrestigePEO contributed to his career growth. He describes himself as a PrestigePEO lifer, having started with the company right out of college in the accounting department as a bookkeeper.

Jack attended the University of Hartford, where he studied communications. He lives in Tampa, FL, with his wife and kids, who love to interrupt his online meetings.

He’s a big Harry Potter fan who loves golf and boasts about being the best golfer in the PrestigePEO family. He also takes part in company volunteer events at the Ronald McDonald House.