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S2 E8: What Is Employee Burnout, and Why Should Employers Care?

HR-in-15 Interview with David Shar: What is employee burnout, and why should employers care?

“We’re working hard, but we’re not seeing the rewards – not necessarily the paycheck, but the recognition and feedback we seek.”

Employee burnout is an important topic, but it isn’t addressed enough. What exactly is burnout, and why should employers pay more attention to it?

To help us answer these questions and much more, in this episode of HR in 15, we’re joined by Illuminate PMC founder and creator of the FTF Burnout-Proof Culture Model – David Shar. David is a business psychology expert who works with businesses to help them foster a positive culture that attracts and retains top talent. He’s here to help us understand exactly what burnout is, how it may present itself in different contexts, and some steps businesses can take to work toward a healthier environment for all.

Highlights Include:  

  • A deeper understanding of what burnout is, and how it happens to employees
  • The importance of communication between employees and management
  • The critical elements of a healthy work environment
  • Practical advice for employers to address and mitigate employee burnout

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Headshot of David Shar

David Shar is an international speaker, consultant, business psychology expert, and founder of Illuminate Performance Management Consultants. He combines decades of leadership experience with the latest research in psychology to help organizations attract, retain, and motivate top talent. Learn more at