Advance in Your Industry with PathGoal

No matter what field you’re in, employee-employer relationships are vital.

At Pathgoal, we know if you spend time trying to become an expert in the intricacies of HR, it will detract from the core value of what your business is trying to achieve.

We handle your HR needs at an expert level so that you can stay focused on your work and the growth of your business. We provide comprehensive PEO services at competitive rates while reducing the total cost of HR solutions, helping you gain an advantage over others in your industry.

Full Spectrum of HR Solutions

We are a comprehensive extension of your HR team, ready to help you take on any human resources challenge and sustain the stable growth of your company.

Top-Tier Employee Benefits

We offer small and mid-sized businesses access to premier benefit plans from the country’s top providers at affordable low rates. These perks will help you retain and attract top talent.

Compliance & Risk Management

PathGoal keeps you informed of all local, state, and federal regulatory changes. Our compliance experts handle the administrative work to ensure you stay compliant with all laws.

Attract and Retain Your Employees

When you provide employees with attractive benefits packages, your small or medium-size business can compete against large companies for top talent.

Our Expertise in Serving Your Industry

Banking & Financial Services

Finance is a highly competitive business. You work hard to build relationships with clients and employees who have high expectations and no shortage of options for companies to work with. Additionally, you need to focus on keeping up with (or staying ahead of) constant fluctuations in the market to remain a leader in your field.

At PathGoal, we know how to alleviate the burden of your unique HR needs as a banking or financial services organization — while keeping you compliant and competitive — so that you can maintain your expertise and exceed your stakeholders’ expectations.


Healthcare companies and workers have been through a lot the past few years, playing a crucial role in keeping the world safe and healthy. Today, your industry continues to face complex regulations, changes in how care is delivered, and increasing demand for quality healthcare. You deserve a PEO that’s up for the challenge.

Your employees are your direct touchpoint with your patients. Their importance can’t be overstated. By working with a PEO that’s experienced in assisting healthcare clients, you can make sure your needs as an employer are taken care of, so your doctors, nurses, and other team members can focus on providing the best care possible for their patients.


The tech industry is transforming the world in the 21st century the way that manufacturing did in the 20th century. Today, it defines the way we work and interact. It continues to change our society in meaningful ways.

There’s no lack of opportunity in tech, so there’s no shortage of competition — both for acquiring end users of your products and for attracting talent at your firm. But you’ll have a leg up when you work with a PEO that understands the challenges of growing and scaling quickly. PathGoal has the expertise to simplify your HR responsibilities while you stay focused on transforming the way the world works.

Financial Tech (FinTech)

The financial technology sector has seen explosive growth for a number of years now, producing innovative solutions that change the way we live, work, invest, and trade.

But your innovations must contend with a few facts concerning your field. The first is that your industry is one of the most highly regulated. The second is that your industry is one of the most competitive when it comes to attracting talent and emerging as an industry leader. PathGoal’s team has extensive experience working with the FinTech industry. We know how to help you manage your company’s needs, while you focus on developing and deploying game-changing new financial technologies.

Marketing, Communications, and Media

In marketing, communications, and media, your job is to amplify and enhance your clients’ work to help empower their continual growth. As a premier PEO, PathGoal plays a similar role. While you focus on the messaging, identity, and strategy to propel your clients forward, we handle the tedious yet vital tasks your business needs to be taken care of to do your best work.

To ensure your agency remains running smoothly, we handle employee benefits, payroll, risk management, compliance, and more. We work hard to keep our services accessible and valuable because, like you, we know what it means to feel invested in our clients’ success.

Social Services and Non-Profit Organizations

If you’re a non-profit or social services organization, people’s lives and livelihoods depend on the success of your work and the power of your mission. The quality of how your organization is running matters. It translates directly into impactful work that can help transform communities and make life-changing differences for the people you serve.

PathGoal delivers quality and cost-effective HR solutions that can help free you, your team, and your organization from the time-consuming details of daily HR administrative tasks. PathGoal helps you focus your resources on what matters most — the meaningful work you do daily.

Retail & Wholesale

We know that the heavy burden of dealing with logistics, workforce, merchandising, and more can be overwhelming when you work in the retail and wholesale industry.

Whether you run a small or large operation, PathGoal is here to help keep your employees on track and satisfied, with comprehensive employee benefits and organized, timely payroll administration. We can even help with seasonal hiring and workers’ compensation so that you can breathe easily when common challenges of your industry arise.

Property Management & Real Estate

If you’re in the real estate business, you must balance your property management and investment strategies with many federal, state, and local regulations. You also want to ensure your team members are well taken care of to ensure that they’re doing the best work for your tenant and other stakeholders.

At PathGoal, we understand the real estate sector. We work hard to keep you fully up to date with all regulations while providing resources and technology to power your operations.

Research & Education

Whether you’re in Higher Ed, AgTech, Manufacturing Tech, Clean Energy, Life Sciences, or another sector of Education or Research & Development (R&D) — PathGoal is proud to serve the institutions and businesses that give the Research Triangle its renowned reputation. North Carolina is home to so many in the Research and Education fields, and PathGoal is proud be one of the only PEOs to call the state home as well.

Our team is well versed in the unique challenges of R&D, like acquiring outside financing, maintaining production, and interfacing with businesses who will adopt your technologies. We’ve polished our HR services around these unique challenges, with expertise in regulatory compliance, HR management, top software solutions, and more. Whether you’re from North Carolina or another region, PathGoal is committed to providing expert PEO services to your Research & Education firm.